AppDynamics Customer Satisfaction Among the Best


success-3Internally at AppDynamics we take customer satisfaction very seriously. Every day we strive to ensure that our customers are deriving as much value as they can from our solutions. It’s really amazing to witness the lengths every team (sales, marketing, engineer, support, etc…) will go to for our customers (and even prospective customers – great example here) to make sure they are taken care of. So when the time comes for our Net Promoter Score to be released everyone waits nervous with anticipation to see the results of so much care and dedication.

Our last NPS score was an excellent score of 73 (April 2012) so we knew it would be difficult to improve by a lot, but we blew it out of the water this time with a score of 81.

To provide you with a point of reference here is a sample of well known (and respected) companies and their NPS scores in 2012:

NPS Score Company
————— ————-
73 Trader Joe’s
71 Apple
71 Costco

What is a Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter methodology, developed by Satmetrix in cooperation with Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld, is a standard way to measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. If you’re interested in a full explanation on how NPS is calculated you can click here to read about it. Here is my short explanation: NPS is an index that goes from −100 to 100. The higher the score (on the positive side) the better, and getting high scores is really difficult.

The Makings of a High NPS Score

You don’t get a high NPS score without bringing the complete package to your customers. Some of AppDynamics strengths were highlighted by our users…

  • Software is easy to install and configure.
  • Software is easy to use and provides value immediately.
  • ROI is very fast and dramatic (ROI case studies here)

And the ultimate in customer feedback… direct quotes from our survey:

“We have found too many (severity incidents) to count. Every time someone or something breaks the system, AppDynamics is our x-ray surveillance camera to gather evidence and get to the root cause quickly.”

“While I do not have an actual count of events, I will say that this product has become an absolutely integral part of troubleshooting production problems. We have had unresolved issues that existed in production after weeks of troubleshooting. We were able to find some of these issues within an hour of running AppDynamics.”

“We’ve found at least 10 (severity incidents), especially during our peaks.  But more importantly when we have a troubled site pre-launch we are able to find and prevent SEV-1′s.”

“This is a great tool and is essential for troubleshooting real-time issues in production and then having a log (historical reference) to compare against once fixes go in.”

“I dont know if I could quantify a number for ROI, but its really something we cannot live without.  When we have problems, they are fixed quickly.”

Our customers are solving tons of real world problems using AppDynamics and that’s a major reason why they recommend our company to their peers, but there’s still more to the story.

Great Customer Support

We’ve all experienced bad customer support at one time or another. Most of us give the offending company a chance to make it right and if nothing good comes of it we drop them and run to their competitor. Great customer support is so important these days because so many companies offer terrible support. How good is AppDynamics customer support? We think our NPS score is a great indicator but here are a few more metrics were proud of…

  • Average Ticket First Response time < 3 hrs
  • Average Resolution time (this includes tickets that require patches) ~3 days
  • Ticket Satisfaction Ratings >99%

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with Hatim Shafique (VP Customer Success & Operations for AppDynamics) and he summed it up quite well… “We are focused on ensuring the customers get high value out of their purchase; that is the core theme and all the teams are focused on driving that forward.”

At AppDynamics, our obsession with producing amazing, easy to use software and providing the best support ever heard of is being noticed by our customers. To all AppDynamics customers, thank you for your feedback and your support. We take every response (good and bad) to heart and make sure the information is used to create a better experience for everyone.

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