Application Virtualization & A Free iPad!

Interested in winning an iPad? Take our Application Virtualization survey, and we’ll give you a more-than-decent shot at winning your very own! In talking to our customers, AppDynamics recognizes that virtualizing mission-critical applications is at the top of everyone’s mind, even though some companies are at different stages of the process than ...Read More

APM for the Non Java Guru – Threading & Synchronization Issues

This is the first post in a series on the Top Application Performance Challenges. Of the many issues affecting the performance of Java/.NET applications, synchronization ranks near the top.  Issues arising from synchronization are often hard to recognize and their impact on performance can be become significant. What’s more, they are often, ...Read More

It’s All About The Business

I’ve never written a blog post before, but Jyoti tells me, from experience, that if you write about your passion, it’s a piece of cake. So here goes. My passion is to create technology to make application management easier and more productive so that companies can focus on delivering value instead of ...Read More

Application Performance Issues? You’re Not Alone…

Last week we hosted a presentation by AppDynamics customer, Priceline, along with an informative customer roundtable on application performance. During our roundtable, we polled the audience on their challenges with application performance – we asked questions about their architectures, development philosophies, common performance problems, downtime and visibility. Roughly 100 attendees from companies ...Read More

“This Week in Cloud Computing” – Agility & the Cloud

I recently had a chance to visit the webcast “This Week in Cloud Computing” and share some of my thoughts about cloud trends and application performance management. One thread of the conversation that I found particularly interesting was the discussion of agility in cloud computing. Although this theme comes up from time ...Read More

The Best Lines from DevOps Days

AppDynamics recently had the privilege of speaking at the first U.S.-based DevOps event, held at the LinkedIn corporation in Santa Clara. We had some web operations rock stars on hand–including John Allspaw from Etsy, John Willis from Opscode, and Patrick Debois, father of the DevOps movement. But perhaps the true stars of ...Read More

2001: A Download Odyssey

Over the past few days, we’ve shot past 2001 downloads of our free java performance tool, AppDynamics Lite. What does that mean? Well, first and foremost, it’s an excuse to post a picture of the monolith from the movie 2001: Equally as important, perhaps, is that the milestone of 2K downloads in ...Read More

The ROI of APM: Application Performance and Impatient End Users

How much time will your customers spend on your web site if it slows to a crawl? Will they linger patiently, or will they immediately surf away to a competitor? According to a 2009 research study by Forrester Consulting, 47% of users expect a web page to load in two seconds or ...Read More

AppDynamics Lite Turns…500

It’s only been a few weeks, but AppDynamics recently reached the benchmark of 500 downloads of our free product, AppDynamics Lite. So far the response has been amazing. Dev and ops alike seem to enjoy having a free tool that they can use to troubleshoot java performance in production–as opposed to having ...Read More

Moving to the Cloud? Know Thy App

If you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, you’re not alone. From what we hear, the majority of IT departments are planning to at least take tentative steps into the cloud. They’re enticed by the promise of elastic computing for mission-critical applications, and they want the ability to only pay for what ...Read More
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