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IT holds more business influence than they realise

A ‘well oiled’ organization is one where IT and the rest of the business are working together and on the same page. In order to achieve this there needs to be good communication, and for good communication there needs to be a common language. In most organizations, while IT are striving to ...Read More

Intelligent Alerting for Complex Applications – PagerDuty & AppDynamics

Today AppDynamics announced integration with PagerDuty, a SaaS-based provider of IT alerting and incident management software that is changing the way IT teams are notified, and how they manage incidents in their mission-critical applications.  By combining AppDynamics’ granular visibility of applications with PagerDuty’s reliable alerting capabilities, customers can make sure the right ...Read More

Introducing AppDynamics for PHP

It’s been about 12 years since I last scripted in PHP. I pretty much paid my way through college building PHP websites for small companies that wanted a web presence. Back then PHP was the perfect choice, because nearly all the internet service providers had PHP support for free if you registered domain names with them. Java and .NET ...Read More

How Application Performance can define your Brand

When application issues land on the front page of the news you know it’s no longer just an IT problem. Application performance and availability is a key element of your organization’s brand, especially if a substantial percentage or the entire business is done online. The interesting thing about “brand value” is that ...Read More

The Power of the Business Transaction

In our last post, we talked about the importance of business transactions for applications in the cloud. They’re also crucial for managing highly distributed applications. But what is a business transaction? Consider a business transaction to be a user-generated action within your system. The best practice for determining the performance of your ...Read More

AppDynamics Lite: Free Just Got Even Better

A new version of AppDynamics Lite is available for download. One thing that makes AppDynamics unique is our 10-30 promise.  Users should be able to self-install Lite in 10 minutes and start getting value in 30.  We do this by auto-discovering your application dependencies and automatically instrumenting the app, with no manual code ...Read More

Key Questions to Ask APM Vendors

At AppDynamics, we focus on listening to our customers and their needs.  We’ve also noticed their surprise and delight when they see our technology in action and realize they can defy the conventional wisdom of how Application Management can work. Over the last year, we’ve collected a short-list of key questions that ...Read More

15,000 Downloaders Can’t Be Wrong

It’s 2011, and AppDynamics got what we wanted as a holiday gift—15,000 downloads of our free java troubleshooting tool, AppDynamics Lite. To commemorate the 15,000th downloader, we emailed all of our Lite users and offered to send one of our patented “I Take No Crap From My App” T-shirts in exchange for ...Read More

APM Survey Results: Virtualization First, Cloud Second

The Cloud gets all the hype.  But according to the recent survey conducted by AppDynamics, getting to the Cloud is still taking a back seat to the need to finish application virtualization. We recently surveyed a group of professionals directly responsible for the oversight of application performance, specifically in Java and/or .NET ...Read More

Gartner on Application Uptime & Availability

Attendees of the 2010 Gartner Data Center Conference exhibited a lot of interest around Application Performance Management, as evidenced by the packed room where Gartner analyst Donna Scott discussed application availability in her session “Uptime All the Time.” ...Read More
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