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AppDynamics is named in the top 50 Best Places to Work - Glassdoor

AppDynamics is #1 of The Best Cloud Computing Companies and CEO’s to work for in 2013 - Forbes

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Applications are taking over the world. Everything you do these days is handled by an application, from buying Superbowl tickets to paying for dinner. At AppDynamics, we build software that helps make these applications go faster. If you join us (and we hope you will) you’ll be involved with innovation every day, working on a product that affects millions of people – from the ops teams that are in charge of the applications to the people that use them.

If that's not enough, here are a few more reasons why we think you'll like working at AppDynamics:


Great Company.

We’re a fast-growing, pre-IPO company, and people love working here. It’s exciting to work somewhere that you make a difference every day.

Great People.

At AppDynamics you’ll get to work with some of the smartest people in the world. We hire people from all over the Bay Area, including veterans of Google, Apple, Oracle and Adobe.


Great Culture.

At AppDynamics we believe in openness. Our leadership is friendly and approachable – we’d say they have an open door policy, but, well, they don't actually have doors.

Great Location.

Our headquarters is located right in the middle of SOMA, only a few blocks from BART, Caltrain and our favorite ballpark. It’s a convenient location for anyone in the Bay Area.


Meet the AppDynamos


What I love about working at AppDynamics is that there's a new challenge every day.

Traunza Adams,
Director of Human Resources

My favorite part of working here is the relationships I have made with fellow AppDynamos. Regardless of the department, everyone is driven, passionate, and fun. I love making a difference with people I care about. 

Heidi Newiger,
University and Internship Programs

There’s a spirit of innovation at AppDynamics that’s really inspiring. I like working here because I feel like I have the creative freedom to explore.

Dolores Joya,
User Interface Designer

Why do I like AppDynamics? The people. The product. The thrill of crushing the competition. Oh, and the chair massages.

Andrei Zmievski,

What's best in working at AppDynamics? To crush our competition, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation of their SEs.

Anthony Kilman,
Senior Software Engineer

The two things that keep me coming back for more are the people and the innovation. The only constant at AppDynamics is change.

Luke Richter,
Inside Sales Rep

AppDynamics is energetic and fast-growing with smart happy people. This is my first job after graduation and UI team gives me enough trust and opportunities. I'm so happy to learn new techniques and work on exciting projects.

Coco Duan,
UI Engineer

At AppDynamics, I can see the impact of my work. And not just in my team, but company wide. People appreciate what you do, and respect you for it—from peers across teams, to directors and executives. It’s encouraging. 

David Kim,
Software Engineer

At AppDynamics, I feel supported. Everything I have needed has been provided to me.

Karen Meyers,
Customer Relations Manager

I value the small company feel of AppDynamics, balanced with the exciting pace of a successful, established organization. Of all my work experiences, AppDynamics has been the most technically challenging and rewarding.

Hugo Da Cruz Louro,
Senior Software Engineer

Never have I ever worked with a more talented, collaborative, and creative group of people. Everyone is willing to help one another, regardless of the task.

Reanna Miranda,
Online Marketing Optimization Specialist

Mediocrity kills me. Luckily, I work at a company that sets a high standard for innovation, collaboration and productivity. We're also in growth mode, which makes it a dynamic place to be.

Ana Le,
FP&A Manager

I love having a manager and team who really trusts me. It is such a supportive, collaborative, team-centric environment, and yet I am still able to enjoy the flexibility and autonomy to get my job done.

Peter Gehres,
Site Reliability Engineer

I love working with people who motivate me to be my best. I am not afraid to ask a question, and when I do, people willingly invest the necessary time to explain the answer to me. It’s great!

Meera Viswanathan,
Software Automation Engineer

I don’t think there’s a more exciting place to be right now than at AppDynamics. We’re disrupting the market with a revolutionary product. We’re a real business, solving real problems, and have experienced hyper-growth every year for the past three years.

Robert Jweinat,
Account Executive – Major Accounts