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$4.8 million saved

"We estimate we’ve saved about $460,000 in productivity costs alone, just by reducing the amount of time we all spend troubleshooting issues."

Bob Hartley, Development Manager, FamilySearch

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4x ROI

“[We] spend about a quarter of the time that we used to finding and fixing things. Now we’re aware of problems and can fix them before they impact the business.”

Greg Perrott, Software Architect, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

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Turn data into impact

Digital businesses like yours need a way to turn data into actual results. At AppDynamics, we’re ushering in the next digital age—the age of the software-defined business.

Our mission is to deliver true application intelligence that helps your software-defined business run faster, leaner, and more efficient. You get the visibility and control you need to identify problems, find the root cause, and instantly connect the dots to get applications—and user transactions—on track and running flawlessly. AppDynamics provides the certainty that your most complex, business-critical applications are performing at the highest level; and be certain that the data and information generated by these applications can be harnessed for ongoing business advantage and impact.

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