Education and Enablement

A Relentless Focus on Customer Success

AppDynamics is committed to helping businesses thrive in today’s application-driven economy. With our innovative approach and relentless focus, we’ve enabled hundreds of companies to achieve stunning success. That’s just one of the reasons that so many of our customers are also our biggest evangelists.

It’s that focus that explains why we have a Net Promoter Score of 84—indicating a stunning number of our customers who would recommend us to a friend or colleague (in software, the average NPS score is 17).

We assign a TAM (Technical Account Manager) to every Enterprise Customer. APM experts with an average 10 years of experience, our TAMs work closely with customers to ensure return on investment through successful deployments and adoption.

When you’re an AppDynamics customer, you’re our responsibility. And we’ll equip you with the resources you need to ensure your success.

You’ve got AppDynamics—What’s next?

AppDynamics' philosophy is to be in lock step with you and your team as you roll out AppDynamics internally.  Following our education and enablement methodology, AppDynamics guides you through best practices for rapid deployment and quickest time to value [or fastest adoption].

AppDynamics Accelerators

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Education & Enablement Methodology


Educate the Champions

Before you start deployment of AppDynamics, it is critical to educate the team responsible for the success of the initiative on the key concepts of APM--as well as to train them on how to plan, rollout and manage the solution.

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Define the Monitoring Strategy and Architecture

Once you have your AppDynamics Champions trained, the next step is to plan your monitoring strategy and architecture. Our Technical Account Managers can assist with this step—or, if you prefer to “do it yourself,” you can review the AppDynamics Center Of Excellence Best Practices.

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Deploy and Configure

With the monitoring strategy and the deployment requirements gathered from Phase 0, you are ready to implement. Our Technical Account Managers (TAM) can coach and mentor you to put your strategy and requirements into practice. Whether you’re working with a TAM or not, AppDynamics has best practices, methodologies and recommended project plans to help during this phase to ensure a successful deployment.

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Train End Users

AppDynamics is deployed and you have great visibility into your environment. But now it’s time to train your end users so that they are prepared to hit the ground running when you go live.

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Go Live

All the planning, training and deploying through best practices comes together now.

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AppDynamics and Beyond…

Learn more about how to take AppDynamics to the next level within your company.  Drive more usage, expedite MTTR (Mean-Time-to-Resolution), and increase your AppDynamics ROI.

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