Azure Monitoring Tools

Monitor High-Volume Azure Production Environments

While traditional monitoring tools provided some level of visibility, they often had blind spots that limited their ability to rapidly pinpoint and fix performance problems. Now, with AppDynamics, Windows Azure users can get full visibility into the end-to-end performance of every business transaction and quickly isolate problems with code-level diagnostics. In addition, AppDynamics’ auto-scaling feature allows Windows Azure customers to automatically provision Windows Azure resource based on the performance and throughput of business transactions.

 With AppDynamics, Windows Azure users can:

  • Monitor the health of their Windows Azure application
  • Troubleshoot performance problems in real time
  • Rapidly diagnose root cause of performance problems
  • Dynamically scale up and scale down their Windows Azure application

To provide the best possible solution for Windows Azure users, AppDynamics has made available its multi-tenant Monitoring-as-a-Service platform within Windows Azure itself. This minimizes the network bandwidth costs for Windows Azure customers using AppDynamics because they will not have to transfer monitoring data outside of Windows Azure. In addition, online support, documentation and training are all available directly through the Windows Azure Marketplace.

End-to-End Distributed Business Transaction Tracing

AppDynamics can auto-discover the business transactions that end users are experiencing in the application. Across all Windows Azure Services (SQL Azure, Service Bus & Storage - not just the Compute Services). AppDynamics uses intelligent analytics to self-learn and baseline the normal performance of every business transaction in an application.

Complete Diagnostics

Our call graphs show all classes & methods invoked (Inc. custom) not just the common Microsoft interfaces and libraries. This means you can find the root cause of issues in seconds with no blind spots. When performance deviates, AppDynamics captures complete diagnostic snapshots of business transactions that breach their performance baseline.

Auto-Scaling for Windows Azure

Automatically provision more Windows Azure resources when your application and business transactions need it.

No Alert Storming

Superior base-lining, thresholds and problem detection.

AppDynamics Pro for Windows Azure:

  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Up to 50 Business Transactions per Agent
  • Unlimited Nodes
  • Advanced Application Performance Troubleshooting (Dynamic Baselines, Historic Trending)
  • Advanced Analysis (Analytics, Change Correlation, Scalability) 
  • Distributed Transaction Flow & Correlation Enabled
  • Reporting & Custom Dashboards
  • Pro-active Alerting Capabilities

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