Free PHP Profiling Tool
PHP Profiling

AppDynamics' PHP profiling tool is used for production environments. This tool enables easy tracking, troubleshooting and detection of bottlenecks in your production PHP application without affecting performance.

Easy to install and use

AppDynamics’ user interface helps to easily discover bottlenecks and troubleshoot root cause. It identifies and maps your application architecture that includes remote web service calls and database calls automatically. Besides, it gives visibility into application performance, by grouping common issues like PHP errors and slow or stalled transactions in the Scorecard.

Complete call stack traces

AppDynamics provides deep and complete call stacks like no other. With its Deep Dive Diagnostics, you can swiftly discover the causes for Drupal errors, PHP crashes and more.

No more alert storms

AppDynamics’ self-learning baselines ensure that you get alerts only when your end users face any issues. This is done by setting up alerts based on business transaction, application and infrastructure-level metrics.

Key Features of PHP Monitoring

  • Real-Time Analytics: Baselining and scoring of application and transaction performance automatically
  • Errors: Transaction errors, backend errors
  • SQL Statement Visibility: It involves PDO statements & prep statements and removes sensitive data
  • Business Transactions: It includes response time, calls per minute, automatic detection, slow, very slow, stalls
  • Code-level Diagnostics: It refers to diagnostic sessions showing complete code execution and policy-based collection
  • Application Flow Map: It visualizes all dependencies of your application
  • Change Detection: Record application change events
  • Real User Monitoring: Browser diagnostics correlated with code-level diagnostics

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