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One of the biggest limitations of Web app monitoring software is that they can't offer code-level insight into performance bottlenecks. Because AppDynamics sits inside the application container, it can deliver class and method-level detail around Web app performance bottlenecks, making it easier than ever to identify and fix problems.

There are a whole host of web application monitoring tools out there that offer different insights into the performance of your web applications. Network-based web performance monitoring tools can offer a high-level view into application performance, and web application performance testing tools can help to load test your applications before you move them into production. These tools fall short, however, when it comes to identifying and diagnosing a problem occurring in your application code. Only AppDynamics offers the deep code-level visibility you need to quickly find and troubleshoot issues in your web application.

Why AppDynamics?

  • Troubleshoot at the code level
  • Less than 2% overhead in production
  • Easy to install and use

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Mean-Time-to-Resolution by 90%
  • Get complete visibility into your application architecture
  • Catch performance issues before your end users do

Easy to install and use

AppDynamics installs in minutes, whether your application is in the data center, the cloud, or both. In addition, it automatically detects and maps your application architecture and dependencies, giving you a bigger picture of application performance no matter how complex your application is.

Deep code-level visibility

With web application performance monitoring from AppDynamics, you can easily drill down into an individual call stack trace for a slow Business Transaction to identify and troubleshoot an issue at the class and method level. 

Proactive alerting

Set up alerts based on application, Business Transaction and infrastructure-level metrics. Without AppDynamics’ dynamic baselining and alerting thresholds you won’t have to worry about alert storming again.

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