Jvm Application Performance Tools

JVM Performance Tools

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an integral part of your Java application. That’s why you need a strategy for JVM management and monitoring in production. What will you do if JVM performance flags? How will you be alerted to issues that come up in the middle of the night? In order to ensure the performance of your app, you need JVM monitoring tools that can run in production.

AppDynamics Java application monitoring gives you unique real-time profiling visibility into how your applications perform inside many of the industry-leading Java application servers like Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Glassfish and others.

Key Benefits

  • Visualize and monitor all your JVM dependencies with real time profiling
  • Cross-JVM visibility for monitoring of distributed transactions
  • Real-time monitoring of JVM performance, health, and exceptions
  • Troubleshoot Java code latency in minutes

Visualize and Map JVM Application Dependencies

AppDynamics automatically detects and maps all the tiers that interact with and service your Java application. This gives you a high-level view into application performance far superior to that of other Java performance monitoring tools.

Monitor JVM Health and Performance

Understand the health of your JVM with key Java tuning and profiling metrics, including:  response time, throughput, exception rate, garbage collection time, code deadlock (Java). In addition, you can monitor key system resources like CPU, memory, and disk I/O – all in the same UI.

Distributed Business Transaction Tracing

AppDynamics J2EE monitoring has advanced tag-and-follow tracing of distributed transactions across your JVMs. Simple intuitive view of how a distributed business transaction executes and where bottlenecks exist.

Troubleshoot Java Code Latency in Minutes

AppDynamics provides full visibility into Java code execution as business transactions and requests are processed by the JVM. This allows you to isolate latency and pinpoint its root cause in minutes, making Java performance tuning easier than ever.

Automatic Memory Leak Detection

Detect and troubleshoot memory leaks and object thrash issues, even under production load.

Audit JVM Configuration Changes and Application Deployments

AppDynamics will automatically report any changes to the JVM run-time environment configuration as well as track new application deployments and JVM restarts. This helps you understand when and what changes were made to your application environment and assists with Java performance tuning.


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AppDynamics provides support for all JVMs and application servers with Java 1.5 and above. This includes full framework and protocol support to give you maximum visibility into your Java application.

WebSphere 6.1+, 7.xOracle Coherence
Oracle 10.3.0, 10.0.2Spring Beans 2.0.x, 2.5
WebLogic 9.x, 10.xStruts 1.x
JBoss 4.x, 5.xServlets 2.x
GlassFish v2, v3Struts Action 1.x, 2.x
Apache Tomcat 5.0,6.x, 7.xEJB 2.x, 3.x
Jetty 6.x, 7.xJMS Message Listeners 1.x
Adobe Coldfusion 8.x,9.xCassandra with Thrift
OSGi Infrastructure (Felix, Equinox, IBM MQ Series 6.x, 7.x) 
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