Profile JVM

Identify trouble spots in your JVM app

Mysterious memory consumption can cause tremendous problems in production JVM applications—especially when settings are used that cause performance issues. AppDynamics can help you troubleshoot and identify JVM memory leaks, OutOfMemory exceptions and other memory-related issues, even in a high-volume production environment.

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an integral part of your Java application. That’s why you need a strategy for JVM management and monitoring in production. What will you do if JVM performance flags? How will you be alerted to issues that come up in the middle of the night? In order to ensure the performance of your app, you need JVM monitoring tools that can run in production.

Benefits of using AppDynamics over free Java profilers:

  • Monitor the performance and availability of your JVM
  • Pro-actively alert JVM health and performance issues
  • Detect and Resolve SQL and NoSQL latency
  • Troubleshoot and find root cause of application performance issues in minutes
  • Monitor MBean metrics in real-time

Monitor your JVM Application Topology

AppDynamics auto-discovers and maps the application tiers which your monitored JVM interacts with, giving you a breakdown of where response time is spent in your application. This means you see a high level view of what your application looks like with respect to application tiers like LDAP, 3rd party web services, databases, NoSQL data stores, caches and Message Buses.

Monitor Business Transactions

AppDynamics can auto-discover business transactions from common entry points into your JVM such as servlets, struts actions, spring MVC, web services calls and even custom POJO entry points. 

Find Bottlenecks in your Application Code

When you identify a slow application request or business transaction you can drill down to see individual executions known as snapshots. In a single click, you can view the full code execution call stack of a business transaction and pin-point the associated latency across every class, method and interface that was invoked. Meaning you get full visibility of where time was spent in the JVM and code to help you resolve any bottlenecks.

Proactive Alerting

With AppDynamics, you can set up alerts on application, Business Transaction and JVM metrics, so you can find and fix problems before they affect your end users. Most free Java profilers don't offer alerting, and the Java profiling tools that do use static, universal thresholds that often cause aler storms.

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