Real Time Azure Profiling
Real Time Azure Profiling
Visualize and Map Azure Dependencies Automatically

Use AppDynamics to identify and map your Azure services and tiers automatically, and see the relationships between them.

AppDynamics is changing the way organizations monitor their cloud applications. We were built from the ground up to monitor modern application architectures – including ones that are distributed, agile, and extremely hard to manage. Watch the video.

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With AppDynamics, Windows Azure users can now:

  • Monitor their Windows Azure application health
  • Swiftly identify the main cause of performance issues
  • Troubleshoot performance problems in real time
  • Ramp up and down their Windows Azure application dynamically based on performance metrics

End-to-End Distributed Business Transaction Tracing

Across all Windows Azure Services (SQL Azure, Service Bus & Storage - not just the Compute Services). AppDynamics identifies the business transactions that end users experience automatically. This enables the development and IT Operations teams the much needed visibility to track and manage the end user experience. Not only that, it helps them understand the flow of transactions inside and across each Azure Role, application tier and Services.

Deep Diagnostics for Rapid Root-Cause Analysis

With AppDynamics, organizations can easily identify the main cause for issues like poor QoS, slow downs, or outages within seconds with no blind spots. Its call graphs display not just the common Microsoft interfaces and libraries but also all classes & methods invoked (Inc. custom).

Auto-Scaling for Windows Azure

AppDynamics provides more Windows Azure resources automatically when your application and business transactions need it.

Application Mapping for Windows Azure - Roles and Services

AppDynamics automatically detects, maps, and foresees the living topology and production application performance functioning inside Windows Azure.

No Alert Storming

Superior base-lining, thresholds and problem detection.

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What is AppDynamics?

AppDynamics, an application performance monitoring solution, helps:

  • Identify issues such as slow and delayed user requests and errors in a production setting
  • Fine tune and identify the main cause of such issues

There are two components in AppDynamics:

  • Application Server Agent: The Application Server .NET Agent gathers data from your servers. You need to download the Agent from the AppDynamics portal and operate a another Agent on each role instance that you want to track.
  • AppDynamics Controller: The Agent sends its information to an AppDynamics Controller hosted service on Windows Azure. Using a web browser-based console, you log into the Controller to track, evaluate and troubleshoot your application.