Server Monitoring Software

Server Monitoring

Application server monitoring refers to monitoring tools that sit in the application container such as the JVM or CLR. These tools can pull JMX metrics and Perfmon counters such as heap utilization, garbage collection, process-specific CPU, etc. but don’t have the code execution details, flow maps, or Business Transactions you find in full-fledged application performance management software.

AppDynamics is an application performance management solution that provides all the metrics of server monitoring tools in addition to the troubleshooting capabilities of APM software. In this article we'll look at some of the limitations of server monitoring and the answers provided by APM.

Key Benefits: 

  • Visualize server health and map your application topology
  • Monitor key server metrics and trend performance over time
  • Troubleshoot slow performance by drilling down to code level detail
  • Fix bottlenecks before they affect your end users

Server Monitoring Tools Can't Do Automatic Application Discovery

AppDynamics automatically detects, instruments, and maps your application topology, showing you where the latency exists between your different application tiers. 

Server Monitoring Tools Lack Business Transaction Context

Another advantage of application monitoring over server monitoring is its ability to understand Business Transactions. With Business Transaction context, it's much easier to prioritise which performance bottlenecks are critical based on which transactions they affect. 

More About Server Monitoring

AppDynamics Lite collects many of the same metrics as server monitoring tools, such as:

  • Disk I/O
  • Memory
  • CPU Utilization

In addition, AppDynamics offers the following functionalities above and beyond what server monitoring tools do:

  • Automated application discovery and mapping
  • Business Transaction context
  • Dynamic deep-dive diagnostics
  • Proactive analytics-based alerting

Supported Servers

AppDynamics supports all applications Java 1.5 and above and .NET 2.0 and above.

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