SQL Query Performance Tuning

Tuning SQL with AppDynamics for Databases

A good SQL query performance tuning solution is essential for any SQL database project. Without knowing which slow SQL statements affect your end users the most, you could spend days, weeks, months and years optimizing SQL statements and making almost no difference to application performance in general. Database monitoring tools like AppDynamics for Databases help you to quickly identify where the bottlenecks are in your application and how they’re affecting the application, the end users and the business. 

Why AppDynamics for Databases?

  • Rapidly identify & troubleshoot performance issues
  • Proactively tune poor-performing SQL
  • Prioritize tuning based on business impact

Easy to use

SQL query performance tuning has never been easier. With AppDynamics for Databases, both application teams and DBAs can quickly identify and troubleshoot long-running SQL queries in a matter of seconds.


AppDynamics for Databases is designed to run in high-volume production environments with less than 1% overhead on your application. 

All-in-one view

Monitor all database platforms from a single pane-of-glass view, and jump back and forth between application monitoring and database monitoring in a single click.

Granular data

AppDynamics for Databases offers application teams and DBAs very granular monitoring data, even in a live production environment. This way you can be sure that no important events escape your attention. Furthermore, AppDynamics keeps a complete history of database performance so you can work on resolving past problems, too.

Supported Database Platforms

  • IBM DB2
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase ASE

Getting Started with AppDynamics for Databases

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