Tomcat Monitoring
Tomcat Performance Monitoring and Management

Apache Tomcat is one of the foremost JavaEE application servers in the market. It is mostly preferred by customers for application deployment. For an effective application performance management, monitoring of performance and availability is highly important.

Tomcat Server Benefits:

Monitor Business Transactions

AppDynamics identifies business transactions from common entry points in Tomcat and its JVM such as struts actions, servlets, web services calls, custom POJO, and spring MVC entry points. This enables users to understand how business transactions take place through various Java components like EJB, SOAP, JDBC, CICS, JMS, as well as CLR calls and remote calls cross JVM for distributed transactions.

Real-Time Alerting for Tomcat

AppDynamics warns application and production support teams about performance issues before end user experience and service level breach through pro-active alerting and dynamic SLA base-lining.

More About Tomcat Monitoring

Developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), Apache Tomcat aka Jakarta Tomcat is an open source servlet container. It provides a "pure Java" HTTP web server environment for Java code to run.

Tomcat is often mistaken for the Apache web server, which is actually a C implementation of an HTTP web server. Though, as part of a server application stack, Tomcat and the Apache web server are used together, they are never bundled together. Even though, Apache Tomcat comes with configuration and management tools, it can be configured by editing XML configuration files.

Tomcat application owners get a 360 degree view of application performance from our interface. Moreover, the owners can gain visibility into its performance (including hardware and CPU metrics, as well as memory usage) and troubleshoot performance issues down to the method and class level while Tomcat profiling.

With Tomcat monitoring, you can map JVM dependencies, auto discover and map all tiers that service and interact with your java Application and JVM. This provides you a greater visibility into your application performance when compared to other Java performance tools.

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