Weblogic Monitoring Tools

Monitor high-volume Weblogic production environments with ease. Guarantee business transaction performance.

Use AppDynamics to follow the flow of your transactions across all Weblogic tiers and services—even in a highly distributed environment—so you can identify bottlenecks at lightning speed.

AppDynamics automatically discovers and monitors application code running on Weblogic and provides deep visibility of how it executes through the JVM in production. This enables users to understand where latency is spent and how system resource like CPU and memory is consumed by an application and business transactions.

Weblogic Server Benefits

  • Monitor the performance and availability of your Weblogic Server
  • Pro-actively alert Weblogic Server health and performance issues
  • Detect and Resolve Memory Leaks in Weblogic Server
  • Troubleshoot and find root cause of application performance in minutes
  • Correlate and Trend Key Weblogic Server metrics over time

Monitor Business Transactions

AppDynamics can also auto-discover business transactions from common entry points in Weblogic and its JVM such as servlets, struts actions, spring MVC, web services calls and even custom POJO entry points. From this context users can see how business transactions execute through various Java components like SOAP, EJB, JDBC, JMS, CICS as well as remote calls cross JVM and CLR calls for distributed transactions.

Real-Time Alerting for WebLogic

AppDynamics also provides dynamic SLA base-lining and pro-active alerting so that performance issues can be notified as they surface, giving application and production support teams an early warning before end user experience and service levels start to breach.

OutOfMemoryException and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics also monitors Weblogic Server memory providing the user with visibility of heap usage, garbage collection and utilization of key memory pools over-time. AppDynamics can also track and monitor memory leaks automatically inside Weblogic Server and its JVM with minimal user analysis allowing root cause to be found in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Detect Thrown Exceptions

AppDynamics can collect and report all application run-time exceptions that are thrown inside Weblogic Server. This provide users with visibility of stack traces that are thrown when business transactions and user requests timeout or fail.

More about AppDynamics

What Makes AppDynamics Different?

Wide & Deep Visibility for Production

• End-to-end browser to backend visibility
• Built for production environments: < 2% overhead
• Designed for highly-distributed/SOA architectures
• Business transaction-centric
• Auto-discovers application map and transaction flows

Short Mean-time-to-Resolution

• Complete code-level diagnostics when you need them
• Analytics reveal business impact in seconds
• Comprehensive coverage of common application performance issues • Insight into database performance and SQL execution
• Automated response with Application Run Book Automation


• Self-learning baselines to automate threshold configuration
• Automatic scoring of business transaction performance
• Best fit for agile environments – dynamic code instrumentation

Fast & Easy

• Fast time-to-value (measured in minutes)
• Easy to use for Development and Operations

Cost Effective

• A fraction of the cost of legacy APM solutions • Simple subscription pricing model

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