Our Managed Service Provider Partners

Managed Service Providers, Cloud Providers, and Managed Hosting Providers around the world are expanding their service catalogs , earning industry-leading margins, and ensuring the uptime and availability of their customer’s business-critical applications by partnering with AppDynamics.

Here are our Managed Service Provider Partners. 

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Why APMaaS?

Because MSPs that don’t innovate will get left behind. As cloud services continue to catch on, companies will spend less of their IT budget on maintenance and more on innovation. MSPs focused on monitoring and management of traditional IT, PC and server management may not survive. There is more competition in the market and this is driving prices down. The next wave of solutions will need to support more complex applications that are deployed across hybrid cloud environments, helping customers to maintain applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Why AppDynamics?

Unlike legacy APM solutions, AppDynamics is an easy to deploy solution that auto-discovers, maps, and monitors the entire topology of the application and transaction flow. Multi-tenancy, a critical feature for service providers, has been a part of the architecture from the very beginning. There is an increasing need to manage applications that are hosted off-premise or in the cloud with AppDynamics you have that flexibility. AppDynamics provides visibility into the entire technology stack of highly distributed and cloud based applications.

AppDynamics Enables MSPs to:

  • Enable Complete End-to-End Visibility: Increase your customer’s operational visibility of the entire application stack by 90% as you migrate customers to public and private clouds.
  • Manage Business Impact: Reduce your customer’s outages and Sev-1 incidents by 50%.
  • Troubleshoot Faster: Reduce your customers Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by 90%.
  • Simplify Application Performance Management: “Easy” only happens if the APM solution does all the heavy lifting for the users.
  • Differentiate your offering in the marketplace by partnering with the leader in Application Performance Management (APM). Leverage our best of breed software to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR) with your existing customers.

MSP Partner Program

The AppDynamics MSP Partner Program provides Managed Service Providers, Cloud Providers, and Managed Hosting Providers with the ability to offer application performance management as a managed service.

MSP Program Features and Benefits:

  • Licenses on a monthly subscription basis
  • Cumulative volume discounts
  • License ownership resides with the MSP
  • Low entry cost

Rather than offering traditional licenses, where a customers pays 100% of the purchase price up front, ongoing maintenance, and the hardware to host the solution, the AppDynamics MSP Partner Program allows the partner to lower the entry cost to their customers and provide a low predictable monthly fee.
If you are an MSP that specializes in Systems Management, Network Management or Data Center Management, AppDynamics can help you quickly increase your monthly recurring revenue with very little effort.

To learn more about out how AppDynamics can grow your bottom line and help your business scale, contact us today.