Starting with a 15-day free trial, all AppDynamics product modules are available in AppDynamics Lite – Free Forever, and AppDynamics Pro Editions

Application Performance Management

Database Monitoring

Mobile Real-User Monitoring

Browser Real-User Monitoring

AppDynamics Application Performance Management is priced by agent units. Agents are injected into your application code to allow you to monitor your business transactions. In Java, you'll need one unit for each JVM. In .NET, one unit for the .NET CLRs running on a Windows OS. In PHP, one unit for each web server. In Node.js, one unit for every 10 Node.js processes.
AppDynamics Database Monitoring is priced by database instance units. For Oracle and IBM DB2 databases, one unit is required for every 8 CPU cores, irrespective of the instances used. For NetApp storage series FAS2nnn and FAS3nnn, one unit is required for each filer. For NetApp storage series FAS6nnn, two units are required for each filer.
AppDynamics Mobile Real-User Monitoring is priced by monthly-active-users (MAU) units. Each unit supports 5,000 monthly-active-users. A unique user who opens a native mobile application at least once in a given month is counted as one monthly-active-user. Each unit can can support multiple applications across multiple devices.
AppDynamics Browser Real-User Monitoring is priced by pageview units. Each unit supports 10,000,000 pageviews per year. A simple or full pageview counts as a pageview. Underlying Ajax and iFrame requests are tracked for monitoring purposes, but are not counted as additional pageviews. Pageviews accrue on a yearly basis. The year starts and ends on the provisioning date.


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AppDynamics Application Performance ManagementLitePro

What you get

Application mapping, transaction profiling, deep diagnostics, real-time analytics, advanced alerting, and more.

Code level visibility

Transaction tracing provides visibility into distributed applications across servers, databases, caches, queues, and third-party services. Understand the interaction between mobile apps and the server-side, and pinpoint the root cause of code level issues.

Dynamic baselining and powerful alerting

Dynamic baselines automatically determine normal performance. Flexible alerting integrates with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira. Track and manage both application and infrastructure events.

Visibility and control

Identify and fix code bottlenecks, memory leaks, slow database queries, infrastructure blockages, and zero in on third-party web services.

Application performance management agents

AppDynamics Pro supports as many application performance monitoring agents as your highly distributed environment requires. AppDynamics Lite – Free Forever is limited to one Java, one .NET, one PHP, and one Node.js application monitoring agent.

One eachUnlimited

Data retention

AppDynamics Pro can retain years of historical data, without requiring an Olympic-sized storage farm. AppDynamics Lite - Free Forever reveals only the last 24 hours of data.

AppDynamics Database MonitoringLitePro

Monitor multiple platforms

Monitor any combination of DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Sybase IQ, PostgreSQL and MongoDB database platforms with one central installation, all with a single pane of glass view.

Troubleshoot performance issues in production

Retroactively troubleshoot and diagnose the root cause of database-related performance issues — in a live production environment — using fine-grained historical data. Identify and resolve key database issues like slow response time, load issues, unpredictable performance spikes, locking problems, or internal database contention.

Trend database performance over time

Proactively tune and fix performance issues before they affect end users by monitoring and trending key performance metrics such as resource consumption, execution plans, wait states, user sessions, and more.

Continuously monitor in a high-volume environment

Gain complete visibility into database performance by monitoring high-volume production applications 24/7 — with less than one percent overhead.

Install and begin using immediately

Install in a matter of minutes, and use the intuitive web interface to quickly find and diagnose performance issues.

Database agents

AppDynamics Pro supports as many database monitoring agents as your highly distributed environment requires. AppDynamics Lite – Free Forever is limited to one database monitoring agent per supported db.

One eachUnlimited
AppDynamics Mobile Real-User MonitoringLitePro

Crash Dashboards

Visualize app crashes using aggregated data to quickly identify the commonly occurring ones.

Crash Snapshots and Analytics

Drill down into individual crashes to understand their root causes and context, and resolve them before they impact more users

Network Request Dashboards

Visualize network requests and their performance to quickly and identify the slow ones that are negatively impacting user experience

Network Request Snapshots and Analytics

Drill down into individual network requests to understand their performance and understand its drivers

Business Transaction Correlation

Get end-to-end visibility for every individual transaction from the mobile device to the backend database, and anything in between

Geo Dashboard

Get visibility into where your users are accessing your mobile app from, and their experience

Device, OS, Application and Network Analytics

Get detailed analytics on the users and their devices

Custom Timers

Measure the time taken between any two arbitrary points in the code used typically to understand user behavior within the mobile app

Real-time Business Metrics Capture and Analysis

Capture any business metric from the app and correlate it with app performance to understand the business impact of the mobile app and its performance

Data Retention

Capture any business metric from the app and correlate it with app performance to understand the business impact of the mobile app and its performance

365 days365 days

Dynamic Performance Baselining

Leverage platform’s smart self-learning algorithms to learn from app’s behavior and baseline mobile performance rather than relying on guesswork

Percentile-based and Static Health Rules and Alerts

Flexibly set health rules and alerts that raise alerts only for statistically significant outliers

API access

For developers to access data or enrich it with third-party data

SaaS, On-premises, and Hybrid Deployments

Flexible deployment options

SaaS only
AppDynamics Browser Real-User MonitoringLitePro

Monitor end-user experiences

Analyze end-user data and monitor their experiences. Instantly receive user data by geography and browser. Use these real-time insights to perfect your product and ensure a seamless user experience.

Understand how every line of code impacts user experience

In today’s complex application environments, it is extremely difficult to know which application tier or node is adversely affecting your user experience. AppDynamics not only identifies the offending node or tier, but also identifies the specific code line that is hurting your application experience.

Do not let third-party content ruin your user experience

The average website has resources from 16 different third parties and over a hundred different individual resources. These resources that you have little control over can very easily impact your end-user experience. AppDynamics helps you understand, troubleshoot, and resolve problems by delivering granular performance metrics per page load, using the resource timing API.

Make every data point count in optimizing user experience

It’s hard to know in advance what views into the data will be most impactful for improving user experience. Most vendor solutions try to guess this for you and throw away 95% of the information they collect. AppDynamics stores 100% of your data and lets you explore with a powerful, iterative UI. So you can drill down from a high level view of user experience into a narrow one that spans multiple dimensions.

Install quickly, scale easily

Get started fast by adding a few lines of code to the pages and mobile applications you want to monitor. Scale quickly and easily with an elastic public cloud architecture that supports billions of devices and user sessions per day, or deploy the system entirely within your own data center — ideal for both public and private web applications.

Web Pageviews

AppDynamics Pro supports as many pageviews per year as your web-end-user management needs may require. AppDynamics Lite – Free Forever supports up to 1,000,000 pageviews per year.


Pricing FAQs

All plans start with our fully-featured 15-day trial.

Buy online directly from your subscription page after you have set up your trial.

What is a unit?

In the pricing table, a unit refers to the metric that governs the pricing for a given product module; e.g., a JVM, a set number of pageviews, a set number of monthly active users.

Can I try before I buy?

Get started now with a free, fully featured 15-day trial of AppDynamics Pro. For a limited time, new customers who buy before their trial expires will receive our starter plan pricing.

In a nutshell, what is the difference between AppDynamics Lite and AppDynamics Pro?

AppDynamics Lite - Free Forever is best for small deployments. AppDynamics Pro scales to support unlimited application deployments across your entire business. See the feature and unit comparison charts above for additional detail.

Are there volume and term discounts available for larger environments with longer-term needs?

Yes. If you need more than 10 units or if you are interested in a longer than 1-year subscription, request a custom quote to receive special pricing and ongoing promotions.

What is the difference between SaaS and on-premise?

With software-as-a-service (SaaS) we host everything for you. If you prefer, you can deploy our on-premise solution yourself. You can even do both.

Are subscription licenses locked to particular application stack or CPU?

Licenses can be floated between similar stacks; e.g., between JVMs, but are specific to the language originally purchased for and cannot be converted from one language to another at a later date.

How are pageviews and monthly active users (MAUs) counted for the EUEM product modules?

Simple (aka full) pageviews are counted for licensing. Underlying Ajax and iFrame requests are tracked for monitoring purposes, but are not counted for licensing. Pageviews are allocated on a yearly basis —starting from the provisioning date— and then reset at the end of the year.

MAU is any unique user who opens a native mobile app at least once in a given month. This means that any user opening the app more than once in a single month is counted as the same MAU. Additionally, MAUs allowed by a single unit can be shared by any number of app instances across any number of devices.

How about some details on database pricing?
  • For Oracle and IBM DB2 databases, one unit is required for each 8 CPU cores, irrespective of the instances used.
  • For NetApp storage series FAS2nnn and FAS3nnn, one unit is required for each filer.
  • For NetApp storage series FAS6nnn, one unit is required for each .5 filer.

Can I change my self-service subscription?

Visit your subscriptions page to make changes yourself at any time.

  • Change of Term - Upgrade to our self-service annual plan at any time. Self-service annual plans cannot downgrade to monthly.
  • Change of Units - You may change the number of agents. The new monthly payment will be calculated based on the term and number of agents chosen. Restrictions apply.
  • Payments - Your new monthly payment will initiate on your next billing cycle. A prorated payment for the current billing cycle may apply. Refunds are not issued for subscription changes.

What if I have to cancel my self-service subscription?

You may cancel your self-service monthly or annual plan at any time. Your credit card will not be charged on your next billing cycle and your subscription will not renew.

Note that if you cancel with more than 2 months remaining on your self-service annual plan, a 2-month-cancellation fee will be assessed. The product will continue to operate normally until the end of your current billing period. Refunds are not issued for subscription cancellations.