Product Overview

Monitor, automate, and analyze every business transaction with the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform


The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform delivers complete visibility at every level by allowing you to:
  • monitor how end users are interacting with your applications
  • monitor the infrastructure supporting your web and mobile apps
  • monitor application execution right down to the code and transaction level
  • Gain deep visibility into your Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js applications
  • Automatically discover and map your application topology and user flows
  • Get code-level diagnostics
Mobile Applications
  • Get granular performance data and audience insights from your iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Gain a better understanding of audience demographics, performance of network requests, why mobile apps are crashing, and side-by-side client/server performance
Browser Real-User Monitoring
  • Get a detailed view of end-user interactions with your application for a true end-to-end view of performance
  • Understand the geographic distribution of end users, response times for different browsers (including drill-down into server stack trace), and the correlation between the performance of pages/AJAX requests/iFrames to specific business transactions and snapshots
Database & Infrastructure
  • Get deep visibility into the database back end of your environment for complete performance optimization
  • Low-overhead, agentless solution provides a single pane of glass for isolating and troubleshooting performance issues across your environment, and allows you to trend key performance metrics over time
  • Displays basic machine metrics and more advanced application server information, and correlates to application performance


Address performance issues promptly and automatically, before they impact your business. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform
  • automates detection and remediation with intelligent, behavior-based alerting capabilities
  • automates provisioning of cloud compute resources, and 
  • automates otherwise manual run book tasks
Cloud Auto-Scaling
  • Automatically provision additional compute cloud resources based on application performance metrics like calls per minute or response time
  • Receive accurate alerts based on performance anomalies in your application — no more static thresholds, no more alert storming
Run Book Automation
  • Automate manual, repetitive tasks using performance metrics from the application as triggers


The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform’s analytic capabilities enable you to track and monitor business metrics, operational functions and user transactions so you can spot trends and anticipate problems — and address them before they cost you money.
Operational Analytics
  • Compare releases over time, and track changes to key performance metrics 
  • Analyze scalability, performance, infrastructure capacity, and resource consumption
Application Analytics
  • Correlate application metrics to business performance
  • Derive insights from a single view of transactional and operational data

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