APM – The AppDynamics Way

Innovation That Goes Beyond Monitoring

Get Complete Process Visibility

  • End User Experience Monitoring for Mobile and Web

    Gain complete visibility into real user experience across both web and mobile applications, with real-time information on browser, network and server performance. Compare across geographies, carriers, application versions, browser and device types.

  • Detect Business Impact and Performance Spikes

    Learn "normal" performance behavior and "normal" code execution paths for all business transactions and application services, at all hours, days and weeks of the year—so anomalies can be detected automatically.

  • Isolate Bottlenecks in your Application

    Follow the flow of your transactions across all tiers and services—even in a highly distributed environment—so you can identify bottlenecks at lightning speed.

Take Action In Production

  • Rapidly Identify Root Cause

    Get full visibility into code execution in production at less than 2% overhead—
    no manual configuration required.

  • Automate Responses with Run Book Automation

    Application run book scripts not only notify you the instant they detect a problem, they allow you to implement automated fixes for nearly invisible resolution.

  • Resolve Problems Before They’re Problems

    Unparalleled visibility gives you deep understanding of your application performance processes, so you can anticipate problems before they ever occur.

Manage with Certainty

  • Detailed Reports Deliver Bottom Line Insight

    Your business users and application owners get the reports and visibility they need to understand SLAs, application performance, and the impact applications are having on the bottom line.

  • Dashboards Reveal Performance at a Glance

    Operational dashboards help your team understand the health and performance of the business at all times.

  • Understand the Impact of Each Release

    Agile release comparison helps your developers understand the business impact of each release so they can identify regression and learn from production deployments.