Mobile APM

Application Performance Management for iOS and Android

Product Feature


  • End User Experience Monitoring

    AppDynamics Mobile APM provides real-time insights into your mobile application performance around the world. Instantly retrieve data by platform, device type, and even performance by region. So when changes occur, you see it instantly.

  • Device and User Analytics

    Mobile users are numerous, and impatient, with even small performance issues prompting them to go elsewhere. AppDynamics Mobile APM gives you the means to keep close tabs on your mobile performance so you can protect your customers’ experience. Understand your users devices, carriers, os
    and application versions.

  • Crash Reporting

    Proactively detect and respond to application crashes, hangs, and failed network requests. Understand the root cause of application crashes and hangs in seconds.

  • Network Request Snapshots with server-side correlation

    Get end-to-end visibility from the mobile device all the way to multiple tiers on the server-side.

  • Track Custom Metrics

    Track any custom metrics and leverage dynamic baselining for anomaly detection.