Not-so-Secret Sauce

Sound too good to be true? We hear that a lot.

The secret of AppDynamics is this: you don't have to do all manual tasks that APM 1.0 tools required you to do. We're different: we do them for you.

Sound too good to be true? We hear that a lot. Try us out and see for yourself.

Business Transaction Monitoring

AppDynamics organizes all activity in your distributed web application into "business transactions." These are used as the primary unit of monitoring and troubleshooting, and provide much better insight than a traditional focus on server-centric management: they enable us to be uniquely suitable for today's highly distributed applications where transaction requests execute across multiple servers.

Business Transaction Monitoring

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Self-learning Instrumentation

AppDyamics has a unique ability to instrument your application, learning its transactions, code execution behavior, and normal performance patterns. It can adapt and adjust instrumentation automatically when you change your application-no manual configuration needed.

Dynamic Mapping & Discovery

Our patent-pending Dynamic Flow Mapping™ technology continuously discovers, maps and tracks all business transactions, services, and backends in your web application architecture 24x7.

Real-time Analytics & Performance Database

Real-time Analytics & Performance Database

Our powerful real-time Analytics & Performance Database enables to track the performance of your application in real-time-in production.

Automated Remediation

Since we learn normal patterns of performance for your app, it’s simple for us to drive dynamic cloud scaling for your application services. Provision cloud capacity as needed, to assure service quality during peak loads.

AppDynamics Architecture

AppDynamics Agents

AppDynamics Agents automatically inject instrumentation in application bytecode in the JVM and CLR at runtime.

Our patent-pending Dynamic Flow Mapping™ technology allows us to watch every user request, and trace its execution within the JVM/CLR and across multiple distributed services by injecting correlation context in application protocols.

Our patent-pending Deep-on-Demand Diagnostics™ technology allows us to learn code execution behavior for each business transaction and automatically detect problems and collect deep diagnostics data to troubleshoot them.

AppDynamics Controller

The AppDynamics Controller is the central repository and analytics engine where all performance data is stored, baselined, and analyzed. The Controller is especially designed for large-scale production environments, and can scale to manage hundreds to thousands of application servers.

The AppDynamics Controller can be installed on-premise, or it can be accessed via our SaaS model.

AppDynamics Console

AppDynamics Console is the single-pane-of-glass web based user interface that allows you to manage your entire web application environment in just a few clicks.