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AppDynamics solves different problems for different people and different organizations. How can AppDynamics help you?

I don't know where the bottlenecks are in my app. Application Performance Management

Having trouble locating bottlenecks in your application? Get complete visibility into application performance with AppDynamics.

Key Benefits

  • Visualize and monitor your entire application environment, with no manual configuration required
  • Understand application performance as your end user experiences it with Business Transaction context
  • Drill down to the class and method level to find root cause
  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolution by 90%
I don't know why my server crashed. Server Monitoring

Is infrastructure monitoring not cutting it for your organization? When performance matters, it's important to get insight into what's happening inside the application. With AppDynamics, you can monitor your application servers in a live production environment, 24/7 – so you'll always know if something's going wrong before it affects your end users.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor server health 24/7
  • Get alerts when thresholds are breached
  • Drill down to code-level detail around bottlenecks
I have a Java app and it has problems. Java Monitoring

Slow Java code? Get end-to-end visibility and code-level diagnostics for your Java application with AppDynamics. With AppDynamics, operations teams can quickly find and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks in their Java applications, and Java developers can find out how their code performs in production.

Key Benefits

  • Visualize and monitor all your JVM dependencies
  • Real-time monitoring of JVM performance, health, and exceptions
  • Cross-JVM visibility for monitoring of distributed transactions
  • Troubleshoot Java code latency in minutes
I don't know why the database is so slow. Database Monitoring

More than 50% of application problems come from the database, and yet very few application teams have visibility into database performance. With AppDynamics for Databases, you get end-to-end visibility from the browser all the way to the database. Now you can monitor and troubleshoot both application and database performance, all in a single pane-of-glass.

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end visibility into application performance, from the end user to the database
  • Production-ready monitoring with less than 1% overhead
  • Rich granular data provides insight into root cause
I have a .NET app and it’s performing poorly. .NET

Nothing but .NET? With AppDynamics, performance bottlenecks in your .NET application will be a thing of the past. Get end-to-end visibility and code-level diagnostics for your ADO.NET, WCF, Azure and other .NET applications with AppDynamics.

Key Benefits:

  • Visualize your CLR dependencies
  • Monitor Windows Azure
  • Real-Time view of CLR performance, health and exceptions
  • Cross-CLR visibility for distributed transactions
I need visibility into my PHP app. PHP Monitoring

Not sure why your PHP app is slow? Get visibility with AppDynamics. AppDynamics automatically instruments, maps and baselines your PHP application, allowing you to rapidly troubleshoot performance bottlenecks in your production environment.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Diagnose at the code level
  • Reduce MTTR by 90%
Agile releases are always breaking our app. Agile Operations

Sometimes being too agile is a bad thing. Or at least it can certainly feel that way to the operations team that has to deal with the effects of the agile release cycle. The more often your code changes, the more often your application breaks – until now. With AppDynamics’ Agile Release Analysis feature you can find out immediately how a release affected the performance of your application, and which new code is responsible for the change.

Key Benefits:

  • Support for agile releases
  • Enables operations to be as agile as their dev colleagues
  • Allows dev & ops to view the same data
I’m moving to the cloud. Cloud Computing

Migrating to the cloud has never been easier. Application performance is a major concern for organizations that are moving their apps to the cloud. How do you ensure that your app performs as well as before when you no longer control the infrastructure it sits on? Well, you can rest easy – AppDynamics is a cloud-ready application performance management solution that will give you insight into application performance no matter where your app goes.

Key Benefits:

  • Monitor and manage your critical cloud-based applications
  • Ensure application performance pre- and post-cloud migration
  • Take full advantage of cloud bursting
I’m a developer and I don’t know how fast my code is. Developers and QA

It worked fine in dev! There are so many factors in production that you simply can’t account for in dev and test – load, concurrency, data – that it’s just not realistic to do all your testing in development. With AppDynamics, developers can see how fast (or slow) their code runs in production, so they know what they need to fix and optimize.

Key Benefits

  • Align Dev, QA and Ops
  • Optimize what matters
  • Firefight less, innovate more
  • Produce better code
I’m moving away from a traditional database. Big Data and NoSQL

NoSQL, no problem. Databases are often the cause of performance woes, and that won’t change with NoSQL or Big Data solutions. Use AppDynamics to monitor your NoSQL or Big Data applications to get an easy view into your backend service calls. With AppDynamics troubleshooting slow database transactions will take seconds instead of hours.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility into NoSQL environments
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot issues in minutes
  • Montioring of Cassandra, ehCache, memcached
I need visibility into a SOA environment. SOA

Get visibility into your Service Oriented Architecture. SOA is here to stay, so it’s more important than ever that you can see your entire application in a single view. With AppDynamics even the most complex and distributed applications are a snap to monitor. See your entire application and find the performance bottlenecks within it to fix problems faster than ever before.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility into SOA environments
  • Identify bottlenecks between services
  • Proven solution for managing change and complexity