AppDynamics Administration

Sessions run Monday, November 14, 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm. This is a hands-on session so bring your laptop. No need to have AppDynamics installed. If you can’t make the session at, sign up for one of our AppDynamics in Action for Administrators courses.

Every enterprise that depends on application performance needs an AppDynamics champion in-house, and this is a great step toward becoming one. This session is designed for users who want to understand how to maintain their on-premise controller. You'll explore real-world application issues, and you'll leave the session able to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot applications with the AppDynamics platform. Learn how to find performance issues quickly, and trace them back to code segments that cause them. Enhance your own performance the same way you'll enhance your app's performance with our unified intelligence platform.

To get the most out of this session, you should have some understanding of AppDynamics and perhaps have attended one of our Operators, Developers or Power User courses.

What's unique in this session

This session goes beyond the AppDynamics Controller and agents and focuses on special Controller configuration and user management topics, including user and root password management. This session empowers an administrator to oversee, manage, and customize the AppDynamics platform.

What you’ll learn in this session

  • Security
  • How to maintain passwords
  • How to configure Glassfish server JVM settings
  • How to implement backup strategies
  • How to import and export configuration settings between controllers
  • How to maintain logs
  • Controller Installation and Sizing
  • How to change Controller JVM Options
  • Getting Started with the Admin Portal
  • How to reset the Controller Root Password
  • How to manage Users Groups Roles
  • AppDynamics in Action Instructor Demo
  • Controller Backup Strategies
  • Controller Log Admin
  • Controller Data Directory
  • How to import and export Configuration