Memory Heap Analysis with AppDynamics

Sessions run Monday, November 14, 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm This is a hands-on session so bring your laptop. No need to have AppDynamics installed. If you can’t make the session at AppSphere, sign up for a public or private course after the event.

This session is for users who want to learn how the Java memory management process works, and how to use AppDynamics to diagnose and troubleshoot memory issues in Java applications. Using real system scenarios, you will learn how to use AppDynamics dashboards, Object Instance Tracking, and Automatic Leak Detection to help troubleshoot memory problems and find the root cause of these issues.

To get the most out of this session, you should have a solid understanding of controller navigation and at least some experience with troubleshooting or tuning JVM memory issues.

What's unique in this session

This session provides a detailed explanation of how memory management works in Java. Once memory management has been thoroughly explained, we use real examples to show how to use each of the AppDynamics memory management tools to diagnose and pinpoint the causes of different kinds of memory leaks, which are often difficult to isolate.

What you’ll learn in this session

  • How to describe Java memory management in detail
  • How to visualize Java garbage collection processes with a profiler
  • How to use the AppDynamics Memory dashboard to monitor and troubleshoot garbage collection issues in your applications
  • How to use AppDynamics Object Instance Tracking and Automatic Leak Detection features to find the root cause of many common memory issues in Java applications
  • How to describe the issues with ClassLoader leaks and other PermGen / MetaSpace issues, and how to prevent them