Amazon Web Services

Migrate applications into AWS at speed and with confidence

Accelerate strategic Amazon Web Services (AWS) adoption while minimizing the risk of migration, with real-time application and business performance monitoring.

Cut the time taken to migrate applications into Amazon Web Services with end-to-end performance visibility of every important interaction, service call, metric, and transaction so that you have the facts in order to plan, move, run, and optimize applications in AWS. Compare pre and post-migration states easily to analyze the business benefits of cloud usage. Monitor and automatically scale applications across on-prem, AWS zones, containers, and microservices to ensure that performance always meets user experience expectations.

Prove Migration Benefits

Timeline-based comparison shows migration impact. Compare Releases lets you compare the pre and post-application migration states of KPIs and Business Transactions easily. This lets you understand the business benefits delivered and provides facts to accelerate further migration activity.

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Complete Application Visibility

End-to-end application performance and user journey monitoring. Map iQ helps you see all user journeys and automatically creates visual application flow maps that reveal every application component, including Business Transactions, our patented ability to discover and trace all important interactions. Baseline and Diagnostic iQ ensure that you understand how to accurately size instances in AWS and know how to resolve any performance issues rapidly.

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Understand User Experience

Proactively safeguard user experience. End User Monitoring allows you to track real user and synthetic test interactions to benchmark performance of specific user profiles, including different mobile devices, browsers, and locations. This enables you to detect front-end issues faster and understand how third party APIs and content affect your applications, whether on-premises or in AWS.

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Monitor Across Environments

Monitor complex, distributed applications. Application performance management can be deployed easily in your environment, via SaaS or your chosen cloud, and enables you to monitor applications whether they are on-prem, in AWS, or split between multi-cloud environments. One web-based UI provides unified, extensive monitoring of AWS services through CloudWatch, including DynamoDB, Lambda, S3, and ElastiCache, plus microservices-based applications and Docker container technology.

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Automatically Scale Applications

Instantly scale up instances. Cloud Auto-Scaling allows you to increase application capacity when you need it in order to avoid over-provisioning and provide uninterrupted performance during busy business periods. Automated workflows make it simple to scale up within AWS or cloud burst capacity from your private cloud or data center.

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Drive Business Outcomes

Improve applications with business monitoring. Business iQ allows you to make clear, understandable correlations between the quality of your customers' experiences with your applications and business outcomes. This creates a common language between business and IT in order to help teams drive business success, rather than only supporting it.

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Ability to Trace Business Transactions Is Key to AWS Migration

Nasdaq's Corporate Solutions Technology group manages a large application portfolio. A strategic objective was to move workloads into Amazon Web Services, but understanding the application environment holistically was a major challenge because of the level of interconnectivity and breadth of the platforms used. AppDynamics solved this challenge rapidly, as the platform was easy to deploy and provided immediate visibility to help migrate an internal application into AWS and to understand how the application was performing in the completely new infrastructure.

"The ability to trace a transaction visually and intuitively through the interface was a major benefit. This visibility was especially valuable when Nasdaq was migrating a platform from its internal infrastructure to the AWS Cloud."

Heather Abbott, SVP Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq


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