Franken-Monitor Visits a War Room [COMIC]

Having silo’d monitoring toolsets will often provide more trouble than they’re worth. All too often, monitoring tools don’t work well together, provide conflicting data, or just simply can’t diagnose the problem. In a War Room scenario — where people from the database team, servers, developers, IT operations, and anyone else involved — need to huddle together to identify and resolve any performance issue, a Franken-Monitor won’t suffice. Teams will hide behind the tool that makes themselves look the best and point fingers and blame elsewhere.

In the latest in our comic series, Frank is called into a War Room situation where they can’t figure out if it’s a JVM or SQL issue. When asked to help, Frank fumbles like he typically does. 

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Franken-Monitor Doesn’t Give Insightful User Metrics [COMIC]

Following up on our previous comic where Frank’s boss declares they’re adding database monitoring, Frank and his boss have another encounter about user metrics. Since Frank, and his company, are using several tools to monitor their users the data they gain doesn’t give them clear results or context. A lot of the supposed “insights” are actually conflicting or non-actionable.

With AppDynamics Unified Monitoring, seamlessly connect any of the AppDynamics product modules to gain actionable insight all in a single pane of glass.

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The Franken-Monitor adds Database Monitoring [COMIC]

In June with our Summer ‘15 Release, we introduced the IT world to true Unified Monitoring — a single pane of glass to monitor your whole environment. Finally obtain complete visibility into your entire IT Infrastructure with an industry-first application-centric integrated monitoring platform.

Coinciding with the release, we re-introduced the concept of Franken-Monitoring, the antithesis of Unified Monitoring. This monstrosity happens when tools don’t integrate well with each other, offer disparate data, cost extra money, and simply don’t work. Continuing with this theme, we’ve decided to produce a recurring comic strip using the Franken-Monitor as our dopey anti-hero.

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Enjoy our Franken-Monitor infographic 

Infographic – Franken-Monitoring from AppDynamics

Too many tools, not enough big picture: A case of Franken-monitoring

In recent interview, an IT operations director told us, “We frankly have too many tools, and many of them weren’t performing to our expectations.”

If you are an enterprise ops leader managing complex applications, chance are pretty high that you can relate to that statement.

At AppDynamics, we call this “Franken-monitoring,” a situation characterized by many, usually too many, siloed tools — for application, server, database, end-user client, etc. — that provide varying levels of disparate visibility into IT applications. The challenges with this approach are several-fold:

  • Tools have minimal integration or common context, which makes it near impossible to manage the application or its business transactions.
  • Tools are designed for subject-matter experts, so it’s hard to provide value to the ops team as a whole.
  • Tools have high total cost of ownership, since every tool has to be independently procured, installed and managed, and staff have to be trained in their use.

How rampant is this problem? To get some real data, we recently worked with a well-respected analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates, to get to the bottom of this.

For this study, EMA analysts surveyed IT professionals from companies of all sizes across both North America and Europe. Potential respondents were filtered to include only those actively involved in enterprise application development/management/delivery at the executive, middle manager, or “hands on” line staff levels.

The respondent mix was approximately:

  • 1/3 Europe and 2/3 North America
  • 0% small, 55% mid-sized, and 25% large companies
  • 45% executives (director or above), 25% middle managers, 30% line staff

The results were nothing short of astounding!

untitled-graphic (15)

  • Over 65% of enterprises have more than 10 monitoring tools
  • 43% have over 25 monitoring tools.

Read the full report here.

Just about every user of monitoring tools complains about the challenges of having too many tools without any situational awareness. Current approaches to integrate these tools with solutions like MoM (manager of managers) or CMDB (configuration management database) have for the most part failed, because it is hard to stitch together these disparate solutions from different vendors.

Gartner recently did a survey that pointed exactly to this challenge. As shown in the chart below, the key reasons (besides price) for poor APM adoption were, indeed, the complexity of the tools and poor integration between tools.

Reasons Why APM Tools Are Not More Widely Used

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.23.14 AM

Source: Gartner Survey Analysis: End-User Experience Monitoring Is the Critical Dimension for Enterprise APM Consumers (June 2015)

These challenges are effectively addressed by our recently released Unified Monitoring solution — it solves the problems of siloed monitoring and glue-ware integration. AppDynamics Unified Monitoring is the industry-first, application-centric solution that traces and monitors transactions from the end user through the entire application and infrastructure environment, to help quickly and proactively solve performance issues and ensure excellent user experience.

Leading enterprises such as Paychex have adopted AppDynamics Unified Monitoring and eliminated siloed solutions. As Jason Briggs, monitoring engineering manager at Paychex, puts it, “AppDynamics replaced five tools we once used to try to troubleshoot application problems. Today, everyone goes to AppDynamics to quickly determine the root cause of the issue.”

Read the full EMA report on monitoring tools.

Let the Data Flow! How Japan-EU Privacy Pact Boosts Data Sharing, Trade

For the first time, the European Union (EU) has recognized a country within the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum—Japan—as an equal in terms of privacy, opening a channel of free-flowing data between the two jurisdictions.

Reaffirming their commitment to shared values in the field of privacy—and to strengthen their cooperation in shaping global standards for personal data protection—the EU and Japan have reached an agreement to create the world’s largest area of safe data transfers.

This “mutual adequacy arrangement” was announced in a joint statement from Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, and Haruhi Kumazawa, Commissioner of the Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan. Under the terms of the agreement, the EU and Japan now recognize the equivalency of the other’s personal data protection system. For Japan, this means the European Union’s personal data protection rules are now equivalent to the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI). The European Commission has reached a similar decision regarding Japanese data protection law.

How will the Adequacy Decision affect companies doing business in the cloud?

As of January 23, 2019, Japanese businesses can transfer personal data from Japan to the EU without having to put in place any additional data safeguards or restrictions. With the rising popularity of cloud computing services, this decision allows Japanese businesses to more easily use services located in the EU, and vice versa. Businesses based in the EU can now transfer personal data to Japan without needing additional measures or safeguards, which typically would be required under Article 46 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why is this agreement so monumental?

This is the first time the EU has recognized a country within the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum as an equal in terms of privacy.

The data privacy decision was paired with the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, which was signed on the same day. The coupling of these agreements demonstrates the critical connection between the free flow of data and the trading of goods and services between the EU and Japan. As stated by the EU Commission, “With this agreement, the EU and Japan affirm that, in the digital era, promoting high privacy standards and facilitating international trade go hand in hand.”

Several other large markets are expected to follow suit, including South Korea and Brazil. Japan will join Andorra, Argentina, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Israel, Isle of Man, Jersey, New Zealand, Switzerland and Uruguay as providing adequate protection of personal data.

Adequacy decisions are required under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which prohibits EU members from transferring personal data outside the EU to countries that lack adequate data protection.

Does the United States have a European Union Adequacy decision?

The US currently lacks an EU adequacy agreement. Companies like Cisco and AppDynamics are able to transfer data outside the EU by complying with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, the Swiss-US Privacy Shield, and standard contractual clauses (also commonly referred to as EU model clauses).

AppDynamics SaaS is available in Europe, Australia, and the US. What is the practical impact of a Japanese customer purchasing AppD SaaS provisioned to our European AWS site in Frankfurt?

With the adequacy decision in place, a Japanese business can now purchase AppDynamics SaaS, have its controller provisioned to Frankfurt, and require no additional measures or safeguards to allow the transfer of data to Frankfurt. This allows Japanese businesses first access to the latest AppDynamics features available on SaaS via Cognition Engine, which brings real-time insights to mission-critical application and business performance. Cognition Engine uses machine learning to go beyond problem detection to root-cause identification.

AppD Global Tour Amsterdam: Do You Want To Be An Agent of Transformation?

On Wednesday 28th November, AppDynamics’ Global Tour will land in Amsterdam, where we will be hosting more than 100 technologists for an incredible day at Hotel Arena. Delegates will all have one thing in common: The aspiration to become an Agent of Transformation – a new breed of technologist, primed to drive innovation and enable companies to thrive in the face of rapid technological advancement.

This event is a must-attend for anyone wanting to accelerate the success of the businesses they work with, and their personal careers. We have just a few tickets left, so it’s time to decide if you can afford not to attend. You can register now.

Here’s what you can expect to learn at the event:

A rallying call starts the day

The day will kick off with a keynote from two of AppDynamics’ leading figures in Europe.

To start, John Rakowski, former analyst with Forrester Research and currently AppDynamics’ Senior Director of Technology Strategy, will share his personal perspective on how applications are transforming our world and the intrinsic role of real-time business and application performance in today’s modern enterprise.  

EMEA CTO, Firaas Rashid, will lean on his extensive experience with enterprise leaders and explain why 250 milliseconds is a metric that matters. He’ll also share examples of AppDynamics customers who are rising to the challenge of becoming Agents of Transformation.

The keynote will be followed by a customer case study, presented by Vagn Nielsen, Consultant at YouSee, a Danish telecommunications company. Many of us enjoy video on demand through a set top box, but probably don’t appreciate the many dependencies behind the scenes. Vagn will explore how AppDynamics helped YouSee master the complexity of microservices, IOT and much more to deliver an optimal user experience.

Grab a bite and visit the Tour booths

After a packed morning agenda, the lunch break will provide a chance to refuel and reflect. What’s more, there will be a range of booths to visit where you can dive a little deeper into the technology, talk to the experts, ask for a demo, and visit our sponsoring partners:

  • A Quint company, Paphos supports enterprises in designing and operationalizing their digital transformation. By challenging the status quo and connecting people, process and technology, Paphos accelerates digital and organizational transformation.
  • Valori is a full service test organization with full stack testing professionals. Combining AppDynamics expertise with an established CI/CD philosophy, Valori’s mission is to transform organizations and successfully implement their innovations.

And if the morning session piqued your interest in becoming an Agent of Transformation, then you can visit our dedicated booth to learn more. You’ll have the chance to learn about the critical role of Agents of Transformation, find out more about the different technology types in your IT team, and take an online assessment to find out which of those technologists you are! You’ll receive personalized and practical advice on how to start your journey to becoming an Agent of Transformation.

Sessions for all technologists

The afternoon agenda is packed with great sessions, kicking off with a session on how to “Unlock The Power of Real-Time Performance Data with Business iQ” from local Sales Engineer, Marc Van Den Akker. Marc will show how application performance can be correlated with business performance, arming you with data about the customer experience to drive strategic conversations with the wider business.

AppDynamics’ Hans Wallentin will be hosting one of the best received sessions of the AppD Tours to-date, “Top Tips for AppDynamics Adoption Success”. If you want to know how to configure Business Transactions, set up role-based access control or simply show value to the business faster, then this is the session for you.

John Rakowski returns to the stage to talk about “APM In The Next 5 Years.” The market has seen tectonic shifts in direction over the last 2-3 years and will radically evolve even further into the following decade. In this session, you will:

  • Learn about new directions the industry is taking with AIOps and machine learning.
  • Discuss the shifting nature of an IT Operations role within organizations.
  • Get key predictions around themes such as cross-stack visibility and why context truly is king.
  • Hear John draw on his deep APM experience to share insights that will help you navigate the next key steps in your career.

Next up, Erwan Paccard, AppDynamics’ Director of Technical Strategy, holds a ‘fireside chat’ with Dennis Eijkelenboom, Transformation Lead, Infrastructure and Platform, at leading Dutch telecommunications provider, KPN. Dennis will share his thoughts on how AppDynamics has enabled data-driven DevOps at KPN. He’ll also share why the ‘M’ for ‘Measurement’ in the DevOps CALMS model is especially important to KPN, and how each release utilizes insights from AppDynamics to support frequent, high quality releases.

The final session of the day will focus on ‘MTTR,’ but probably not in the sense that you’d expect! MTTR at AppD Global Tour stands for ‘Mean Time To Relax.’ This is your chance to extend your network, exchange views with colleagues and peers on the day’s learnings, and ask questions of the many AppDynamics technical experts who will be presenting at the booths.

There’s Still time to make the last European AppD Tour of 2018

Amsterdam is our last stop of the AppDynamics’ Global Tour Series for 2018 and a great opportunity to learn how AppDynamics can help you on your journey to becoming an Agent of Transformation.

Whether you’re a prospective AppDynamics customer, a seasoned technologist, or simply interested in how applications can impact business performance – this is a must-attend event. So if you weren’t able to make the events in Stockholm, London, Paris or Frankfurt, there are still a few spots left for this free event. Secure your place now by completing the simple registration form here.

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

Voices of Unified APM—Part 1

Application performance monitoring or APM means a lot more to companies today than just identifying and resolving application errors. IT leaders attending AppDynamics’ Global Tour in San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York, and Dallas described how APM has evolved into unified monitoring and become a kind of central nervous system for their companies, keeping track of changes in their environment from one millisecond to the next and monitoring not just applications, infrastructure, and end users, but key business metrics as well. In addition to sharing stories about how their use of AppDynamics has driven increased IT efficiency, more reliable code releases, successful cloud migrations, and closer collaboration with business partners, our customers also talked about how they expect machine learning and artificial intelligence will play growing roles in their businesses in the future.

In this four-part series, we share excerpts of the discussion as it unfolded around the country. Just as the stories told by our customers show how unified monitoring is helping them transform their businesses, so can unified APM help other organizations as they shift to the cloud, adopt new architectures and development models, and look to incorporate machine learning and AI into day-to-day operations.

Getting Started with Unified APM

Companies have traditionally deployed APM solutions in their production environments to gain a deeper understanding of application performance, and this continues to be true today. Many of AppDynamics’ customers said they first turned to a unified APM solution because other monitoring tools were failing them. Their environments were too complex and required too many monitoring tools. Correlating information about a performance issue took too long and often failed to reveal the root cause of the problem.

“I need it right now!”

Dentegra, the leading dental insurer in the United States, first deployed AppDynamics in response to a problem in production they could not diagnose. “It was like, ‘I need it right now!’” said Sai Adivi, director of IT enterprise applications and DevOps, Delta Dental of California. “I just plugged in AppDynamics in production and within 15 minutes we were able to find the root cause.”

The problem stemmed from a recent virtualization project, Adivi recalled. “In relation to that, while we were at it, we found two more memory leaks.” They had been there, Adivi guessed, since the product was built five years earlier. After that, Adivi didn’t need to sell AppDynamics to his CIO. “From there, we began investing heavily in AppDynamics,” he said.

Ease of deployment

Ecolab, a global supplier of water, hygiene, and energy solutions headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, wanted a more effective monitoring solution that didn’t require additional headcount. AppDynamics’ combination of unified monitoring and hassle-free deployment sealed the deal.

“The ease of deployment of AppD was the biggest factor,” said Sandeep Chugh, senior application lead, Ecolab. “We were not looking for something for which we would have to hire a specific person. We were also really excited that you could get synthetic data, monitoring data, and Business iQ data in one place.” Right out of the gate, Chugh was pleased to see the barriers preventing communication come tumbling down. Without a clear-cut way to identify the source of an issue, engineers had been shifting blame. With AppDynamics, people began taking responsibility, he said.

A troubleshooting challenge

Q2ebanking, which provides digital banking services and is based in Austin, Texas, needed to ensure the quality of their customers’ online experience remained high. But a lack of visibility into distributed applications was foiling the efforts of the operations team. Customers were reporting problems that IT could not recreate. “As every IT professional knows, the most fun problems to troubleshoot are the intermittent ones,” said Jacob Ramsey, Q2ebanking’s AppDynamics administrator.

Deploying AppDynamics finally brought relief. “With AppDynamics I could pull up a flow map and see right away that the VPN between the Dallas data center and the customer had gone down,” Ramsey said. At that point, fixing the problem was as easy as calling the networking guy and sharing the flow map with him. “Whereas before you were talking about a war-room scenario,” Ramsey said. “You’d have a networking guy, a storage guy, a database guy, and they’d all be saying, ‘No, the problem is not here. It is probably over there.’”

“It’s not hype”

Iain MacKenzie, vice president of performance engineering at Moody’s, the venerable provider of credit ratings and risk analysis, said the benefit of being able to drill down from a list of Business Transactions or a visual flow map using AppDynamics, is extremely powerful. “When we hear of slowness or instability, we go straight to AppDynamics,” MacKenzie said. “Not only are we able to identify a slow transaction whether it is in the backend or front end, but we can get to the line of code within seconds. I’m not a salesperson, I’m just a user, and it’s not hype. It’s quite frankly the reality in many cases.”

AppDynamics Cloud Arrives in Europe

Ask people where “the cloud” is, and most will likely respond “it doesn’t matter.” And that is true in the absolute sense. The physical location of cloud services is unknown and in theory should not matter.

Except when it does.

For many organizations today, and in particular those in the EU, data residency (where the bits actually live) and control over data processing have become hot topics, especially focused by the privacy law updates in the form of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As announced, AppDynamics customers in Europe are already meeting their data residency needs by taking advantage of a new cloud using the AWS Region in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to the benefits of guaranteed availability and encryption of data in transit and at rest, all AppDynamics SaaS customers can be assured that AppDynamics and Cisco have also been preparing for GDPR readiness to help our customers with this new regulation (for more information about AppDynamics and GDPR, check out

To understand some of the reasons why AppDynamics brought their cloud to Europe, I sat down with Kahnan Patel, Director of SaaS Engineering, Steve Jenner, Vice President Worldwide Sales Engineering and Craig Rosen, Chief Information Security Officer for AppDynamics:

Bradley: What kind of things did you think about when coming up with AppDynamics European SaaS Offering?

Kahnan: One thing we continued to hear from our customers was a desire for data residency in the EU.  At the same time we were looking to leverage some of the latest technology that Amazon had to offer in AWS which would allow us to more easily scale our services to allow us to address on-demand capacity needs.  It made sense to use this opportunity to do both – by building a SaaS capability in the AWS Frankfurt Region.

Bradley: Transitioning our core services to AWS seems like a big effort.  How did you feel about that move?

Kahnan: You know, a lot of our own customers are doing the same thing right now – moving their core services and customer facing applications to AWS.  Such lifting and shifting of cloud services requires product back-end tweaking as well as endless performance and quality testing to make sure the migration does not cause any negative impact of service reliability, availability, scalability and performance.  By doing this, we will be able to stay on the leading edge of technology more easily and offer those improvements in performance and security to our customers.

Bradley: The other day, I heard you mentioning how we drink our own champagne here at AppD. Can you talk a little bit about how we are using our own products to monitor our own applications in AWS?

Kahnan: Sure. One of the ways we provide a high level of service to our customers is through the use of the AppDynamics platform to monitor and manage the performance from our customers’ perspective.  We use the entire portfolio and consistently are able to proactively identify any issues before our customers notice them. We have always done this in our existing cloud and are continuing to do so with our SaaS offering in the Frankfurt Region, taking advantage expanded capabilities leveraging the tight integration we have with AWS.

Bradley: Steve, it seems like this is bound to be a popular SaaS option – what has been the response from our customers in the EU?

Steve: The response has been nothing short of amazing.  Clearly, there has been a pent-up demand for enterprise-grade APM solutions hosted in the EU region as we have started to see some very large organizations jump in early to take advantage of the opportunity.  We have even had some customers in the region, but outside the EU, subscribe to the new service.

Bradley: There is a lot of buzz around GDPR.  How has AppDynamics helped customers address their concerns about GDPR?

Craig: GDPR certainly impacts many of our customers, so the European SaaS offering coinciding in the same timeframe as the GDPR enforcement date is an opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment to building security and privacy in to our program by design. Regardless of geography, most of our customers are very glad to see all of our SaaS offerings, including our European SaaS offering, as being GDPR-ready because it enables them to meet the new data protection guidelines that GDPR brings front and center.

Bradley: That brings up a great point about our broader efforts around security and privacy. Craig, what are our goals as it relates to that effort?

Craig: In addition to ensuring our customers are able to comply with the latest privacy and security regulations, at AppDynamics we continue to focus on security and privacy as a priority for our customers. There are many goals and efforts underway, too many to list, but our primary goal at AppDynamics has always been to provide assurance to our customers by building a strong security and privacy program and product platform.

Bradley: Can you talk a bit more about how we are doing that?

Craig: Sure. The AppDynamics SaaS platform extends the work we already do to build a secure product with a security and privacy-minded operational footprint. This includes features and capabilities like access controls, data encryption at rest and in-transit, and service isolation, some of which leverage the security services offered to us through AWS. We couple that with a highly-capable team of experts that provide security design-led development, security testing, security monitoring and DevSecOps practice integration to ensure a continuity of security as environments shift and scale to meet customer demands. Our program also maintains a regular cadence of SOC2 attestations that establish an independent assessment of our SaaS based security controls.

Bradley: We have talked a lot about how we watch the market for technology trends and listen to our customers requests for new capabilities.  Given the high demand for SaaS, what kind of additional things can we share about future plans?

Kahnan: There is a lot of investment going into the AppDynamics platform right now.  One of the things I am most excited about is taking what we have built in the European SaaS capability and making that available in strategic AWS Regions worldwide.  We have looked at quite a number of great ideas from customers and are working on some additional features to meet these demands in partnership with Amazon and the advances they are making with AWS.  Stay tuned for more details as this comes to market soon.

Bradley: It sounds like there has been a very positive response to AppDynamics SaaS in Europe. Where can customers go to get more information if they have additional questions?

Steve: Customers can reach out to their account managers for more information or contact us at or

For more programmatic details and information about AppDynamics’ commitment to security, see

Become an Agent of Transformation: AppD EMEA Tour dates announced!

Register here:

Stockholm, 23rd May

Paris, 6th June

Frankfurt, 14th June

London, 26th June

Charles Darwin wasn’t wrong. In age of unparalleled advances in technology, ever increasing customer demands and digital disruption across all industries, the imperative to adapt and transform has never been stronger.

For anyone who’s rising to this challenge and wants to learn how Application Performance Monitoring is key to digital business success, the AppD EMEA Tour is not to be missed. We’re hitting the road across Europe (Stockholm, Paris, Frankfurt and London to be precise) during May and June. We’ve put together a day packed with thought-provoking presentations, real world success stories delivered by globally recognized companies who’ve met and overcome their application performance hurdles and want to share what they’ve learnt. It’s also free to attend.

We promise a high energy, dynamic and thought-provoking day where you can quiz AppDynamics experts, network with your IT peers and pick up multiple ways in which you and your organization can survive and thrive in a high velocity environment.

A rallying keynote to start the day

The “Talk like TED” book observes that the best presentations are emotional, novel, and memorable. Having had a sneak preview of the keynote content, I’m confident all those three criteria will definitely be met. In London and Stockholm the keynote presenters include ex-Forrester analyst and APM expert John Rakowski, and AppDynamics EMEA CTO Firaas Rashid. Formerly Director, Head of Production, International Wealth Management at Credit Suisse in Zurich, Firaas brings his perspective on managing mission critical applications at truly enterprise scale. Firaas and John will be joined by special guests and inspire you for the day ahead.

Deeper dives in the afternoon

After lunch, all venues will feature several foundational sessions. If you’re already an AppDynamics customer, “Top Tips for AppDynamics Success” showcases the essentials for ensuring that APM transforms IT processes and brings business results, ensuring peace of mind with role based access control and many others useful best practices.

Since Cisco acquired AppDynamics in March 2017, a lot has happened between the two organisations. “What’s next for AppDynamics and Cisco?” is a session that answers the questions we were often asked at Cisco Live Barcelona and elsewhere. Whether you’re a Cisco customer who wants to learn more about how AppDynamics complements your existing Cisco solutions, or an AppDynamics customer keen to learn more about our product vision, this is a must-attend.

Ex-Gartner analyst and well-respected industry figure Jonah Kowall tells the story in Stockholm and London. It’s worth sticking around to meet Jonah in person and exchange perspectives on industry directions. Frankfurt and Paris will also feature this session, delivered in French and German.

The lines between IT and business owners are becoming increasingly blurred. “Unlock The Power Of Real-Time Performance Data With Business iQ” shows the relationship between application performance and business outcomes using AppDynamics’ ground-breaking approach. Learn how rich, contextual data of every customer engagement help you make smarter investment decisions and track online performance every minute of the day. Find out why it’s made such an impact to  companies such as Carhartt, United Airlines and many more.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, hear from a range of enterprises who are delivering applications at scale. Volvo Group, Statoil and Visma are confirmed speakers at the Stockholm event and we’ll be announcing many more well-known names over the coming weeks.

Each day ends with a reception where you can have a drink, a bite to eat and meet fellow operations professionals, developers, and business leaders. It’s the ideal opportunity to meet other AppDynamics customers, broaden your network, exchange perspectives and learn new approaches.

Additional sessions in London and Frankfurt

Delegates in the UK and Germany can enjoy two tracks in the afternoon that allow for extra sessions and customer presentations. You can choose between “Master AppDynamics” which helps increase your capabilities further, or “Drive Transformation”, for those who seek a broader range of more business-centric topics.

A recent survey revealed that 96% of respondents are using the cloud, with 83% adopting multi-cloud. “Good Migrations: APM Essentials for Cloud Success” goes into the key requirements for migrating applications to the cloud, and optimizing their performance once there. Whether you’re using Kubernetes, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry or another IaaS/PaaS solution, this detailed session is packed with useful insights.

“Ensure Every Customer Matters With End User Monitoring” is perfectly titled. Siloed monitoring of network, database, server and mobile performance won’t cut it in an environment where customer loyalty can be lost forever with one poorly performing app at a critical time. This session explains why we need a different lens, focused on what the customer sees. Find out about our EUM and IoT monitoring features and our approach to XLM (Experience Level Management), so that you can align and track what is delivered to end users with core business goals.

For anyone who wants to present IT and business metrics with real impact, the “Dashboard Rockstar” session in Frankfurt shares tips and tricks on how exactly how to do this. You know AppDynamics delivers the insights you need, but how do you showcase these in a way that resonates with different audiences? Attend this session presented by a seasoned AppDynamics solution expert and learn how.

There’s no registration cost and it’s just one day away from the office. Come back the next day energized and full of actionable insights.

Secure your free place now:

Stockholm, 23rd May

Paris, 6th June

Frankfurt, 14th June

London, 26th June


My First AppDynamics Sales Kick-Off

I joined AppDynamics less than two weeks ago – and that’s all the time it took for me to truly live and breathe the AppDynamics culture and mission.

Within my first week, I had the opportunity to attend the AppDynamics Sales Kick-Off (SKO) in heavenly Miami. During my flight back to California, I sat in my window seat and tried to make sense of what I just experienced during my 4 days in Miami. I am not a frequent blogger, nor have I ever written a page in a journal, but after such an amazing 4 days – I knew I had to share my experience. So, here goes…

I was in awe from the minute my Uber dropped me off in front of the Fontainebleau Resort on the first day of SKO – which also happened to be my 3rd official day at AppDynamics. I didn’t know what to expect but having been to a dozen sales kick-offs in my career, I figured it would be at a generic chain hotel, with the usual team building activities, fancy powerpoint slides, buffet lines with mediocre food, an open bar, t-shirts, swag, and everything else to get sales reps ready to sell.

So, after walking into the Fontainebleau, a 5-star oceanfront resort, and watching Hollywood-grade videos and short films during our opening session, I started to get these butterflies in my stomach. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but that was honestly how it felt. It was overwhelming, exciting, and admittedly, a bit full of nerves, too. I was surprised by my reaction because quite frankly, I’m not an amateur. I’ve been in the business for 20 years and had my own  executive search firm working with many software companies, but nothing has compared to the energy/synergy and sense of belonging that I felt at SKO. As I looked around the room, I felt like I was a part of this elite tribe, or better yet an unstoppable pack of wild lions – armed and ready to reshape the industry.

During the keynote, I was in awe of our humble CEO David Wadhwani, as he addressed the room. His words were passionate and determined, his thinking was intellectual and forward.  Most importantly, he was genuine and sincere. As I listened to him, it became very clear that David cares deeply about his employees and the company.  He’s invested in our careers and wants us to do well. He wants us all to be successful and more importantly, wants us to celebrate that success.

Next up on stage was Dali, our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). I have worked with many CROs and sales leaders over my career, but Dali is different. He’s like Russell Crowe in Gladiator – committed to having strength and honor. He walked us through a few slides and the numbers were mind blowing: huge growth in ARR, significant increase in stock price, over 500 new logos, hundreds of million-plus deals, and 75 promotions in February.

Dali then went on to share his thoughts on inclusion and diversity at AppDynamics and within the sales organization. He talked at length about how diversity fosters a more creative, innovative, and successful workplace. In fact, according to a McKinsey report that analyzed 366 public companies, organizations that are more ethnically and racially diverse are 35% more likely to have financial returns above national industry medians. It’s clear that diversity matters – and it’s a top priority for AppDynamics.

Then came day 2. The company threw one of the biggest surprise beach parties I have ever seen.  It wasn’t some cheesy carnival with fried twinkies and funnel cakes; it was more akin to a Beverly Hills soiree and competitive Ironman event combined. From the amazing food to the massage chairs, super-sized obstacle courses, and brain-teaser games – there was something for everyone. There were also fireworks, drones, and colleagues diving into the ocean to compete for grand prizes. Needless to say, it was a fun-filled bonding day amongst colleagues and friends.

Everyday brought new excitement, new events, and a new high. The awards dinner at one of the hottest Miami nightclubs, Liv, was out of this world! Awards were given out to overachievers who made over 7 figures and the superstars that helped them exceed their goals. There were tears and excitement from everyone.

As I reflect back on my first couple weeks with AppDynamics, I’ve realized that every company has its niche, and some will say sales kick-offs are of course meant to be motivating. But my first AppDynamics SKO was legendary. It’s not every day you see a company like AppDynamics so willing and serious about investing in hiring top talent, and then continuing to train, motivate, and nurture that talent. In fact, AppDynamics prioritizes career advancement and promotions (75 this quarter)! It is certainly not an accident that we have such low attrition and super high growth in hiring.

So, if you’re a lion who’s ready to come join a winning team, AppDynamics has Sales, Sales Engineering, and many more open positions in all locations worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this winning team, we would love to hear from you! Contact me directly or connect with one of our AppDynamics Sales Recruiters on LinkedIn for more information. You can also check out our careers page for all career opportunities.

Edna Yan is the Sr. Director of Global Talent for Sales, and can be reached at