Amod Gupta

Amod Gupta

Amod is the Senior Product Manager for the C/C++ monitoring agent at AppDynamics


AppDynamics Business iQ & Adobe Marketing Cloud

In today’s connected world, every company is a software company. Market tailwinds for digital transformation are only increasing. In the last few years alone, the number of digital touch points your customer has with your business has gone up significantly. In this era of heightened customer expectations and connected devices, the cost of failure has […]


Apache Web Server Performance Monitoring

  We are very excited to announce that from version 4.1 onwards, AppDynamics will support first class monitoring of Apache Web Servers. Apache Web Server has been the most popular web server for some time and is often the gateway to highly distributed applications. Needless to say, monitoring Apache’s availability and performance is critical to […]


Introducing the AppDynamics C/C++ Agent!

We’re excited to announce the Beta version of our C/C++ agent, adding to our existing portfolio of monitored-languages and bringing end-to-end visibility across entire environments! Though we already monitor Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js, we’ve come across several environments who have legacy applications written in C/C++. Why C/C++? These applications are especially tricky to understand […]