Balwinder Kaur

Balwinder Kaur

Balwinder Kaur is a Principal Software Engineer at AppDynamics, and the founding engineer of the Internet of Things team. Prior to AppDynamics, she delivered a cloud-ready video streaming development kit for the IoT Market. In previous lives she has built mobile platforms, Android Apps, Enterprise Software, and founded her own startup. Balwinder also is part of the core leadership team driving the Women@AppD Initiative for making the workplace more inclusive.

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10 Unwritten Lines of a Technical Job Description

There’s a time in everyone’s career when they are new starting a new job. During this time, everyone wants to make a positive first impression, feel confident, and be successful. To ensure that we grow and thrive in each new role, I’ve learned first-hand that there are some crucial steps every person must take. As […]


The AppD Approach: IoT and AWS Greengrass

As both data and processing power rise on the edge of the network, monitoring the performance of edge devices becomes increasingly important. In addition to deploying the AppDynamics IoT monitoring platform to monitor C/C++ and Java apps, end-to-end visibility can be extended to applications running in an AWS Greengrass core by using AppDynamics IoT RESTFul […]