Brendan Cooper

Brendan Cooper

Brendan is a Product Marketing Manager focused on AppDynamics SAP monitoring solution. With a diverse background in IT, he has held product marketing, sales, and customer success positions at industry-leading technology companies including Cisco, Presidio, and SolarWinds.


Expanded SaaS Coverage Delivers Full-Stack Observability At A Global Scale

Speed may be the most crucial differentiator in business today. How fast you react to changes in technology and in the market can make or break your path to success. The last year has been incredibly challenging for businesses ramping up their operations around the world: In addition to responding to a global health crisis […]


Why Is APM Important? Breaking Down the Benefits

Let’s face it: Our lives revolve around applications. We use them to engage and transact with our customers, to drive our productivity at work, in our downtime to stream videos, browse the internet, and stay connected with friends and family. And we expect them to perform flawlessly every time. Think about the last time you […]