Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu is Senior Director of Product Marketing at AppDynamics. He has over ten years of experience building and marketing consumer and enterprise software applications. Prior to joining AppDynamics, Kevin led a team of software developers at and started two companies. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.


Become an AppDynamics and ITSM Master

At AppD Summit Europe in London, a special track has been put together to help practitioners and operations professionals go beyond basic AppDynamics APM and learn how to leverage dashboards, Business iQ, and end user monitoring to get even more value from the App iQ Platform. This track also features a session on IT Service […]


AppSphere 2016 Demos Overview: Enterprise iQ and Business iQ

We saw many exciting demos at AppSphere 2016 which showcased new capabilities of the App iQ Platform. To pull off these live demos on stage, numerous cross functional teams put in months of planning and weeks of setup and rehearsal to make sure each demo was delivered successfully. Enterprise iQ: AppDynamics Improves Enterprise APM Support […]


Business iQ Correlates Business Metrics with Application Performance

Business iQ combines business and application performance into a single, real-time view With the launch of Business iQ at AppSphere 2016, many customers have asked us about the new business-focused dashboards they saw in our on-stage demo. Our customers want to understand how AppDynamics can help them achieve real-time business monitoring. Before diving into our […]