Michael Englert

Michael Englert is Senior Sales Engineer at AppDynamics, helping customers provide value with application and business performance monitoring. Prior to AppDynamics, he spend three years at BMC in IT service management, and six years at HP covering SAP and automation. Michael loves working with customers to solve challenging problems, and is constantly educating himself on new techniques and technologies. In his current role, Michael specializes in cloud and automation technologies to help drive the quickest route to value.


The AppD Approach: Monitoring Kubernetes Events

Just recently we launched AppDynamics for Kubernetes monitoring, giving enterprises end-to-end, unified visibility into their entire Kubernetes stack and Kubernetes-orchestrated applications for both on-prem and public cloud environments. Our industry-leading APM provides visibility into Kubernetes by leveraging labels such as Namespace, Pod or ReplicaSet. And AppDynamics customers can organize, group, query or filter Kubernetes objects […]