Inside Look: AppDynamics Dallas Office

July 20 2018

Check out what the AppDynamics Dallas office has to offer.

Howdy from the Dallas office!

Dallas is the home base for the sales side of this company. We are in the North Tower of Tollway Plaza, and we occupy the 2nd and 6th floors of the building. Located in the city of Addison, just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, we are surrounded by some award-winning restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. A couple of our favorites include Gloria’s for authentic Tex-Mex, Soulman’s for Texas BBQ, Whataburger (24 hour service), and The Lazy Dog for drinks after work.

Back in January of 2015, we expanded our office to our current 5,000 square-foot location, but we just keep growing! Our office has nearly 110 employees broken into operations, customer support, technical account managers, commercial and territory sales, and engineers. Coming February of 2019, we will be relocating to a Cisco-owned office, but before we say our farewells, here’s an inside look at our current office.

 On a Monday morning before our group huddle, you’ll find people socializing around the kitchen, enjoying their catered breakfast and a cup of our in-house Starbucks coffee, because nothing shakes off the “Sunday Scaries” like a shot of espresso.

This hangout spot also includes perks like our snack wall (both 2nd and 6th floors) with an assortment of unlimited food and beverages (my personal favorites are the tribal juices from a local juice shop in Dallas). In addition, we have catered lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it’s rare to find a “hangry” AppDynamo in this office!

On the perimeters of our office, we take pride in our “earthy biome”-themed meeting rooms that are equipped with the latest technology, like Cisco Spark connectivity and video chat capabilities.


Our main conference room is located directly next to our lobby on the 6th floor and is where most of our larger meetings take place!


Being located in Addison makes it easy to have office outings that are a natural fit to the Dallas culture. Whether it’s our annual summer picnic in Addison Circle, holiday parties at The Reunion Tower, AppD pickup basketball games, or just a luau party in the office, you can always find a familiar face to talk to. “Our culture here is truly one of a kind,” says Hali Mundy, Facilities Coordinator. I truly believe what differentiates this culture from most is how we have kept such a personable and tight niche feel through the Cisco acquisition.

Need a break from your desk? Head down to the 2nd floor where you can pick up a game of ping pong or miniature cup golf. You’ll also discover our second snack room with a full variety of food and beverages, plus a private massage room where we have access to a 30-minute table massage once a week!  Located on this floor is also where our operations, renewals, and sales engineers work. The floor holds additional meeting rooms that are themed “Districts of Dallas”.

If that doesn’t say enough about our culture, have you ever heard of Spin the Wheel Fridays? We wrap up our weeks with a closing huddle to discuss the weekly success of a nominated candidate. The prizes include Amazon gift cards, a choice of one of our weekly-catered lunches, and even a work from home day! The advantages around here are endless it seems, but it doesn’t stop there. Come February, our big move to the Cisco office will bring even more perks. Not only will AppD employees have access to a full gym, but we will also have weekly yoga classes that will have us saying “Namaste” in the office a little longer! Speaking of the Downward Dog, the new Cisco office is also pet friendly!

Cat Ruedi
Hi, my name is Cat! I am a very curious individual (no pun intended). I will most likely play 20 questions with you while getting to know you! In my free time, you can find me roaming the aisles of Whole Foods discovering new flavorful treasures, and I also have an obsession with auburn haired Golden Retrievers.

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