A day In the life of a recruiting coordinator at AppDynamics

November 26 2018

Recruiting Coordinators at AppDynamics not only schedule interviews, they directly impact the whole talent acquisition experience. Learn more.


The Recruiting Coordinators at AppDynamics not only schedule interviews, they directly impact the whole talent acquisition experience. They are the first smiling face to welcome candidates to their interview once they come onsite, sharing the excitement and calming any pre-interview nerves. Throughout the interview process, they ensure that the candidate has a great experience, is prepared for their on-site, and communicate the company culture and values. They advocate for the candidate, recruiter, and hiring manager, and strive to go above and beyond to ensure the company attracts and hires the best talent.

The team is broken down by function and region, but work collaboratively as one team and has each other’s back. From SF to London to Bangalore, these rock stars are worth learning more about!

What does a typical day as a Recruiting Coordinator at AppDynamics look like?

Dalena – There is no typical day as a recruiting coordinator! My day usually consists of working with recruiters, scheduling on-site interviews, creating offer letters, giving an office tour to visiting candidates, ensuring that candidates have a great interview experience, updating and tracking data in different spreadsheets, and opening requisitions in our ATS systems.

Stephanie – I only joined 4 weeks ago, but this is what I experienced so far: checking my inbox, syncing with my team, creating and closing requisitions, creating offer and side letters, booking candidate travel, raising PO’s, creating interview invite letters for visa applications, updating spreadsheets, ATS and reports, arrange candidate reimbursements, initiating background checks, and of course eating way too many snacks from the office kitchen! 😉

What has been your most memorable moment so far at AppD?

Lauren – I had a candidate who took a few months to onboard and join the team due to immigration processing and various other reasons. On his first week, he came up to my desk and invited me out for lunch because he said he had such a great experience during his onsite interview in SF and wanted to thank me for all the online support to get him in the door. Little moments like these when you realize you’re really making an impact on these candidate’s experience reminds me of why I enjoy this role and love working for this company that puts this as a priority.

Vicki – There was a candidate that went through three rounds of interviews, each one seemed more intense than the last. And so, when she was finally brought onboard, she wrote me a card with a gift noting her appreciation of my support during her interview process. This simple act of gratitude reminded me how rewarding and essential this role can be, and how the little things can really have a big impact.

What kind of skills are you developing in this role?

Lauren – Being a coordinator exposes you to so many things in the recruiting and the onboarding process. Aside from becoming an expert as a talent brand ambassador and candidate experience partner, I’ve learned to multitask on a whole new level and developed a confidence when dealing with tough situations. I’ve learned to take the initiative and speak up when I see a potential to drive more efficiency and improve a process.

Kayla – As a coordinator I’ve learned to be proactive, to be a problem solver, and to anticipate needs. It is important not to get overwhelmed as requests come up, but instead to take a step back, take a breath, and prioritize.

Jayashree Nagaraj – Being in the role of a coordinator, I have learned to communicate and interact better, multitask, prioritize work through time management, and learning to deal with complex problems on the floor.

What are some traits that are essential to thrive in this role?

Dalena – To be successful as a Recruiting Coordinator, you have to be able to multitask, prioritize, stay organized, work efficiently and effectively, and be a team player.

Stephanie – Someone who goes above and beyond to ensure great service every step of the way for candidates, excellent organizational skills, being able to think quickly and proactively, and work to tight deadlines, being a personal team player who stays cool and organized under pressure.

What is it about your role or about AppDynamics that makes you excited to come into work every day?

Kayla – What makes me excited to come into work everyday are the people I get to work with. One thing I love about this role is that it has allowed me to build relationships with people in all different teams and work cross functionally with them. Since we are scheduling and coordinating for so many different departments, it provides a great opportunity to meet people across the entire company.

Aniko – One of my favorite aspects of this job is every day is different and we can always learn something new. We are working on various roles in different countries so we need to follow different processes and are connected to many hiring managers, other team members and candidates across EMEA. Being busy is also a great motivation.

Karen – I love that my role allows me to interact with a myriad of people and not only facilitate bringing new employees into the company, but also building relationships with existing employees. I’ve grown so much in just in the few months that I’ve been with AppDynamics. The talent team is nothing but supportive towards each other, and I’m glad to be working in such a positive, hard-working environment. Also, having dogs in the office on Fridays is always a great perk.

Recruiting Coordinators are the backbone of the Talent Acquisition team and play an essential role in holding the team together. The role enables those early in their career to gain visibility into the different functions of the company, and explore fields outside of recruiting. Over the years, we’ve had many recruiting coordinators develop into full cycle recruiters, and move into various roles throughout the company, from HR to Sales Ops, to IT and beyond. It’s a great place for smart, collaborative individuals to start their recruiting career, with opportunities to grow throughout the company.

Whether you’re interested in recruiting, or just AppDynamics, check out our career opportunities!

Vicki Lin
Vicki is a Bay Area native and a Recruiting Coordinator at AppDynamics. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring new places, reading, and hanging out with friends.

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