Meet AppD Intern and Agent of Transformation, Cheyenne Biolsi

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This summer, AppDynamics had one mission: Turn talented university students into "Agents of Transformation."

Cheyenne Biolsi is a recent graduate of Cornell University, where she majored in Computer Science and Economics. This summer, she was chosen as one of 24 interns at AppDynamics, a select few who were encouraged to do something more with their summer off. They took a leap as interns and made a huge impact across the business in partner marketing, product marketing, HR, and sales engineering.

During our weekly Intern Spotlight series here on the blog, you’ll meet some of the interns who became “Agents of Transformation.” These interns were immersed in our core values from day one, and learned what it was like to become an integral part of AppD for the summer.

AppDynamics Intern Spotlight: Cheyenne Biolsi, Agent of Transformation and Software Engineering Intern, Orchestration

When did you join AppD and start as an Agent of Transformation?
June 4th, 2018.

Where did you learn your agent skills?
Cornell University, studying for my Master’s degree in Engineering & Computer Science.

Fun fact?
I like horror movies!

What made you want to take the leap to AppDynamics?
I thought the product was super interesting and wide-reaching. I really think a lot of businesses can benefit from our APM.

What is the coolest project you’ve worked on this summer?
My team is the installer for a bunch of the microservices we have. We handle upgrading, installing, and starting/stopping them. If an error occurs, I correlate the log of error messages in the installer log and microservices logs and then bubble them up so they are visible to the end user.

What has been the most challenging part of your summer mission?
Getting to know the codebase and how the team operates. This is something that is common among a lot of software engineers, but I am grateful that my team eased me in with easier projects.

What did you enjoy most about your summer internship?
My team is very open to listening to my opinions. With other internships, it may feel like you are just doing tasks, but here they are open to hearing my thoughts and coming up with the optimal solution.

What makes AppD special?
The people. AppD has an amazing culture and you can really see that it is something that the company values. There are a ton of events and opportunities to meet people and learn about their experiences.

If you could go back in time, what advice would give yourself?
Encourage myself to talk to other engineering teams. It is very easy to get stuck in your own team, and of course you have a lot to learn within your team, but reaching out to others and getting a basic understanding of what they do can help in getting a picture of how AppDynamics works!

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Jay Singh

Jay Singh

Jay is a Chicago native that is rocking out his second year living in San Francisco. He is the Talent Programs Specialist for the University Recruitment program at AppDynamics and has been with us for a little over a year. His interests include running, punning, dancing, and surfing!