Meet AppDynamics Intern and Agent of Transformation, Connor Thompson

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This week's intern spotlight features Connor Thompson from the Partnership Marketing team. See how he made his footprint at AppD.

Connor Thompson joined the 2018 Summer Internship cohort as part of the AppDynamics Partnership Marketing team. During his time at AppDynamics, he took on the mission of building out strategic approaches to marketing content and partnerships. In this installment of the Intern Spotlight series, Connor tells us what he’s learned from his team and mentors, how to succeed at AppD, and why he thinks AppD is a truly exceptional place to work.

“Success at AppD is not measured by what your title is or who you know — it’s about who you are and what you deliver. The ambition you show at 5pm on a Friday when a content deadline is approaching, and the attitude you bring into every double-booked conference room, are the attributes that drive success at AppD.” – Connor Thompson

Q&A With AppDynamics Agent of Transformation, Connor Thompson

When did you become an Agent of Transformation at AppDynamics?
June 18th, 2018.

Where did you learn your agent skills?
UCLA, where I’m an economics major.

Fun fact:
Growing up, my favorite toy was the vacuum! I got my own mini vacuum toy and it was my favorite.

What made you want to make the leap to AppDynamics?
I came because I knew I wanted to work in tech, but also in a creative role. For me, the goal was to be in a creative role while working in an analytical space.

What is the coolest project you’ve worked on this summer?
I am building out a series of pitches for our smaller ISVs (independent software vendors). This has been great because it allowed me to find the middle ground between something creative that also sticks true to our goals. I get to look for answers to questions like:

  • What is the relationship at hand?
  • What value do we gather?
  • Are we looking to move into a new industry vertical?”


From there, we brainstormed about whether to create a joint blog post or email marketing campaign. Once I understand what kind of marketing content is needed and why, I’ll be able to present these ideas to the CMOs of the companies we partner with.

What has been the most challenging part of your summer mission?
The most challenging part is trying to find the sweet spot of our values and what our partners’ needs are. I like to see how we can meet in the middle while still benefitting our respective businesses. 

What did you enjoy most about your summer internship?
The people! I know it’s a cop-out answer, haha. But honestly, while the work is also interesting, the support system and mentoring are really there. It isn’t just the formal mentorships — it’s all the people I get to meet throughout the journey! Informal mentorships have been huge, whether it be the people I worked with on projects or just other people on the marketing team that I’d grab coffee with. The people here really make the experience that much better.

What makes AppD special?
Connecting back to my answer earlier, there is a sense of openness that I haven’t seen at a company this size. It’s so easy to go over and chat with the CMO, which isn’t something I thought I would be able to do. There is no hierarchy. We have the same goals and are trying to go to the same place.

What advice would give yourself, if you could go back in time?
I would say to really seek out those informal mentors. I would want to identify who I need to talk to and who will really be an ally. From there, I’d foster those relationships and learn from my peers.

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Jay Singh

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