Intern Spotlight: Dataflow Monitoring at AppDynamics’ Bangalore Office

My journey with AppD started when I interned at AppD’s Bangalore office this year and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Not only was it a great learning experience in terms of the exposure to the work culture, but it also helped in shaping my approach towards handling various situations in life. […]

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Intern Spotlight: Exploring Flash-Based Cache for the Data Platform Team

I interned with the Data Platform team at AppD’s Bangalore office in 2018. The team is responsible for ingesting and storing the metrics sent by agents running on client servers. They process millions of metrics per minute on their staging server. When I first arrived, the tech stack that the team was using, and even […]


Defining My Legacy at AppDynamics

Taking off from McCarran International Airport, leaving behind GSX 2018, it hit me — this is why I chose AppDynamics. In a single week, I was given the opportunity to not only enjoy a change of scenery (albeit weather-wise, not far from Texas’ climate) but the opportunity to connect and learn with my colleagues from […]


Giving Back with AppD Cares

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi Giving back is simple. At a minimum, all you have to do is donate a few bucks to a nonprofit and you’re golden. You can literally do this in under a minute. But at AppDynamics, we rarely […]


Spotlight: Meet 5 Product Interns and Agents of Transformation

Welcome to the final installment of the 2018 Intern Spotlight Series. This summer, AppDynamics had the pleasure of bringing together an amazing group of interns and providing them with the tools to become Agents of Transformation. They excelled in building out key components within the AppD product line and also creating extraordinary relationships throughout the […]


Spotlight: Meet AppDynamics Intern and Agent of Transformation, Aditya Chidurala

“I know my projects will help shape how our field reps will interact with clients. And knowing that my work can make a lasting impact is what I really enjoy from this job.” – Aditya Chidurala Welcome back to another installment of our Intern Spotlight series. Here you’ll meet Aditya Chidurala, an incredibly talented AppDynamics […]


Meet AppDynamics Intern and Agent of Transformation, Connor Thompson

Connor Thompson joined the 2018 Summer Internship cohort as part of the AppDynamics Partnership Marketing team. During his time at AppDynamics, he took on the mission of building out strategic approaches to marketing content and partnerships. In this installment of the Intern Spotlight series, Connor tells us what he’s learned from his team and mentors, how […]


Spotlight: Meet AppDynamics Intern and Agent of Transformation, Vishaka Sekar

This summer, AppDynamics brought on 24 talented individuals as part of our intern program. Each intern was tasked with the mission of learning the core values of AppDynamics and making an impact within their respective teams. As part of our weekly Intern Spotlight series, we’ll highlight a few of the amazing interns that have shared […]


Meet AppD Intern and Agent of Transformation, Cheyenne Biolsi

Cheyenne Biolsi is a recent graduate of Cornell University, where she majored in Computer Science and Economics. This summer, she was chosen as one of 24 interns at AppDynamics, a select few who were encouraged to do something more with their summer off. They took a leap as interns and made a huge impact across the […]


2018 Summer Internship Recap

The intern season has been in full force this summer, and the time has flown by before our eyes. Most of our interns are now heading back to their universities, taking with them weeks full of learning, mentorship, friendships, and new experiences. This year, we had an intern class of 24, including 18 in San […]