Spotlight: Meet 5 Product Interns and Agents of Transformation

Welcome to the final installment of the 2018 Intern Spotlight Series. This summer, AppDynamics had the pleasure of bringing together an amazing group of interns and providing them with the tools to become Agents of Transformation. They excelled in building out key components within the AppD product line and also creating extraordinary relationships throughout the […]


Spotlight: Meet AppDynamics Intern and Agent of Transformation, Aditya Chidurala

“I know my projects will help shape how our field reps will interact with clients. And knowing that my work can make a lasting impact is what I really enjoy from this job.” – Aditya Chidurala Welcome back to another installment of our Intern Spotlight series. Here you’ll meet Aditya Chidurala, an incredibly talented AppDynamics […]


Meet AppDynamics Intern and Agent of Transformation, Connor Thompson

Connor Thompson joined the 2018 Summer Internship cohort as part of the AppDynamics Partnership Marketing team. During his time at AppDynamics, he took on the mission of building out strategic approaches to marketing content and partnerships. In this installment of the Intern Spotlight series, Connor tells us what he’s learned from his team and mentors, how […]


Spotlight: Meet AppDynamics Intern and Agent of Transformation, Vishaka Sekar

This summer, AppDynamics brought on 24 talented individuals as part of our intern program. Each intern was tasked with the mission of learning the core values of AppDynamics and making an impact within their respective teams. As part of our weekly Intern Spotlight series, we’ll highlight a few of the amazing interns that have shared […]


Meet AppD Intern and Agent of Transformation, Cheyenne Biolsi

Cheyenne Biolsi is a recent graduate of Cornell University, where she majored in Computer Science and Economics. This summer, she was chosen as one of 24 interns at AppDynamics, a select few who were encouraged to do something more with their summer off. They took a leap as interns and made a huge impact across the […]


2018 Summer Internship Recap

The intern season has been in full force this summer, and the time has flown by before our eyes. Most of our interns are now heading back to their universities, taking with them weeks full of learning, mentorship, friendships, and new experiences. This year, we had an intern class of 24, including 18 in San […]


Spotlight: Will May’s journey from Sales Rep to Vice President of WW Inside Sales

At AppDynamics, we have leaders that have grown within the company and who have helped define our values and culture. Will May is one of those leaders. In his 6 years at AppDynamics, he has directly participated in working towards AppD’s key initiatives, cultivating a global culture of inclusivity, positivity, and entrepreneurial energy. While AppD’s […]


How I Discovered Application Performance Management and a World-Class Career Opportunity

That’s the question I found myself asking when I got a message from a recruiter on LinkedIn just over a year ago. Up until that point, I had very little exposure to “application performance management”, having spent my ten-plus years in IT working on layers 1 through 4 of the OSI stack. First, I had […]


Holy moly, one year already?!

I can’t believe it’s already been one year into my journey with AppDynamics. This has been one of the best transitions in my career of more than 25 years, and I feel like it just started yesterday. For me, it all began back in January 2017, when Cisco announced their intent to acquire AppDynamics. Although […]


Inside Look: AppDynamics Dallas Office

Howdy from the Dallas office! Dallas is the home base for the sales side of this company. We are in the North Tower of Tollway Plaza, and we occupy the 2nd and 6th floors of the building. Located in the city of Addison, just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, we are surrounded by some award-winning […]


Why I Picked AppDynamics

Approximately 25 years in IT have provided me with in-depth knowledge of monitoring and APM tools, which is why a recruiter reached out to me. At the time, I was happily working as a systems engineer for an APM vendor, 12 years running and not looking for a new job. After speaking with the recruiter, […]


AppDynamics – Our Next 10 Years

Recently, the employees of AppDynamics celebrated our 10th anniversary as a company, as well as the 1st anniversary of our acquisition by Cisco. We’ve experienced so much growth and so many positive changes over this past year, it’s enough to make our heads spin! However, it’s safe to say that AppDynamics isn’t close to slowing […]


A look Into AppDynamics San Francisco HQ

The SF office is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco and is home to 600 employees of our 2,000-person global organization. Located in the North Tower of 303 2nd St. Plaza, it’s just a few blocks away from the SF shopping center and the Ferry Building. AppDynamics currently occupies the 7th and 8th […]

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Bridging the Gap – AppDynamics from a leading Cisco-partner’s perspective

Looking at the sponsors slide above, it is not difficult to conclude that the Conscia Netsafe logo is the odd one out. It is, after all, not very often that we are mentioned in the same sentence as our two neighbours in that slide, especially when the context is mostly about things seemingly going on […]

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Voices of Unified APM—Part 3

From production to development environments As AppDynamics has proven its success in production environments, more and more customers are rolling it out in their development environments. In addition to improving the quality of code that is released into production, AppDynamics supports the adoption of DevOps initiatives by providing everyone with access to the same information. […]