Women in Technology SoulCycle was a huge success!

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Despite the craziness of San Francisco’s 45th Annual Pride Celebration and Parade on Sunday, June 28, 2015, AppDynamics celebrated an event of our own. AppDynamics help a Women in Technology (WiT) event and united 53 women from various Bay Area Tech Companies came together to ride as one towards an equal workforce. We decided that SoulCycle would be the perfect venue to host the event, as they encourage riders to come together to challenge yourself, and your fellow riders to ride as one pack. For those of you who haven’t heard of SoulCycle, it’s a hip indoor cycling full-body workout that uses bikes, weights, and choreography to work your core.

Around 12:30, attendees began to arrive and check in for the event. We surprised them with goodie bags, filled with donations from companies supporting the cause, including Jamba Juice, IfOnly, Lululemon, B.R. Cohn, Rocksbox, Karelen Hair Care, Cocoa Cravings, Bare Body Collection, and Crunchmaster. After collecting their goody bags, ladies changed for the ride and adjusted their bikes to have the right seat height, seat position, and handlebar height. (Fun fact: about 38% of the attendees were new riders!) The 45 minute ride featured female artists, like Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls), and Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl On Fire’, to hopefully inspire one another to work together to create equality in Silicon Valley, and eventually, globally. 

The ride was long, and hard – a real butt kicker, but it was inspiring and uplifting to see everyone else alongside you also pedaling through the burn. In addition to uniting so many women, and doing something great for our bodies, the event raised $4,000 for Oakland-based non-profit Level The Playing Field Institute. LPFI is an organization that aims to close the gap for underrepresented students of color to compete in science and technology. Many alumni of this program go on to successfully complete prestigious degrees such as Computer Science from UC Berkeley. LPFI’s Chief Development Officer, Moneese DeLara reflects gratefully on the event, “we recognize that to truly level the playing field for underrepresented students of color to compete in science and tech, it will take the work and support of many, so we greatly appreciate the generous support of AppDynamics Women in Tech of our efforts.”

This event was the first of many Women in Technology philanthropies that will unite people together to move forward as and give back to the local communities. In our future events, we plan on inviting male allies as well as females, so we can all work together and create change. We realize that, as half of the population, women can only be half of the solution, and are excited to invite everyone to participate in our next event. If you would like to be kept in the loop of when that is, please sign up here.

If you are inspired by LPFI and the work they do, find out how you can donate or volunteer!

Heidi Newiger

Heidi Newiger

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