AppSphere 2016 Demos Overview: Enterprise iQ and Business iQ

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Learn more about the demos presented at AppSphere 2016, which showcased new capabilities of the App iQ Platform

We saw many exciting demos at AppSphere 2016 which showcased new capabilities of the App iQ Platform. To pull off these live demos on stage, numerous cross functional teams put in months of planning and weeks of setup and rehearsal to make sure each demo was delivered successfully.

Enterprise iQ: AppDynamics Improves Enterprise APM Support

Years ago, “enterprise” for us meant any customers with ~10,000 agents in production. Today, we’re supporting customers that are scaling up to ~100,000 agents. It’s no surprise that more and more companies are adopting a micro services approach to delivering software. Administering thousands of agents and nodes is no easy task, but with Enterprise iQ we’re making it simple and configurable.

Demo: Universal Agent

The first demo at AppSphere focused on our Universal Agent which is a small package that can be installed on a server with a simple shell command. The Universal Agent discovers environment variables and processes which it reports back to an AppDynamics controller which in turn issues commands back to the agent.

The Universal Agent can install and update agents automatically and works with npm, rpm, puppet, chef, or even your own private repositories. In the demo, we showed how Universal Agent set up AppDynamics for a standard Java Tomcat application. We also showed how easy it is to upgrade an agent from an old version of AppDynamics to a new one. Once agents are installed they automatically begin reporting performance metrics to AppDynamics.

Demo: License Management

The second demo was all about our new enterprise focused license management system. We’ve added new visualizations which help customers instantly see exactly how their licenses are being utilized. For example, we can view Java license consumption over time with minute granularity. This makes it easy to know when certain micro services need more licenses.

As part of our new Enterprise iQ license management system, we can now deploy license entitlements with different access keys. This allows us to control the number of agents consumed by a given key. If you’re a large financial institution you can now carve out specific licenses for different business units.

We’ve also added scopes to Enterprise iQ which are powerful rules that use regular expressions and naming conventions. For example, we can use scopes to make sure that only certain machines used for user acceptance testing may consume licenses. Scopes can be saved and used over and over. No more calling and chasing people down who have used up too many licenses!

Demo: Network Visibility

One of the most exciting new features announced was network visibility which is currently a black box for many APM solutions. At AppSphere we showed how our customers can now shine a light onto the black box of network performance and begin measuring throughput through all of their systems.

Our network visibility dashboard does not rely on SPAN & TAP methods. Instead we monitor ingress and egress traffic by marrying the five-tuple of source and destination IP and port, as well as protocol. Once you toggle the network dashboard you will see an overlay of the underlying net flow data and key performance indicators such as bandwidth, packet loss, and throughput.

Demo: Business iQ

Last but not least, we showed a demo of Business iQ that walked customers through each and every step of the creation of a business-focused dashboard. First we turned on analytics and added a data collector. Data collectors allow you to specify classes and methods to collect parameter and return values.

Once we have data collectors turned on we can begin to create metrics for anything we can think of. Once a metric is built we can create health rules to alert us when something strays from baseline.

As part of Business iQ we also showed a new and improved funnel widget that includes conversion rate and abandon rate. All of these new features are part of Fall ‘16 and make it easier for IT to begin driving business outcomes.

If you’d like to try out these features for yourself, take our free trial for a spin.

Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu

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