DevOps Days – Visibility & Aligning Goals

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This summer, I had a chance to sit on a panel at DevOps Days with a few industry colleagues to discuss the role of monitoring, testing, and performance in solving DevOps issues. It was a lively discussion on the teams, tools, and techniques that play a role in managing application and network performance.

We all agreed that visibility is critical – but it’s not a lack of data that can challenge DevOps teams; it’s the knowledge of that data and the ability to get meaningful information out of it that is key to success. It’s also about information sharing.

Like we say all the time – creating a common context for understanding monitoring metrics and performance goals is hugely important. The best way to do this is to identify the business goals and business metrics early on and build those into your monitoring metrics. That way both teams are working towards the same goals and sharing responsibility for success.

To hear the full panel discussion from DevOps Days, check out the video on InfoQ here.

Jyoti Bansal

Jyoti Bansal

Jyoti founded AppDynamics in early 2008 with the vision of defining the next-generation of application performance management (APM) solutions for distributed applications running in cloud, virtual, and physical environments. Before founding AppDynamics, Jyoti led the design and architecture for several products at Wily Technology. Jyoti received his BS in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He is the lead inventor on 14 US patent applications in the field of distributed applications management.