DevOps: Fact or Fiction (Vol. 1)

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Having Fun With DevOps

In light of all the hype, we have created a DevOps parody Series – DevOps: Fact or Fiction.  For those of you who did not see, in October we created an entirely separate blog (inspired by this) – however decided that it is relevant enough to transform into a series on the AppDynamics Blog.  The series will point out the good, the bad, and the funny about IT and DevOps.  Don’t take anything too seriously – it’s nearly 100% stereotypes : ). Stay tuned for more DevOps: Fact or Fiction to come. Here we go…

Ops With 100% Availability:








When I Agree with @DevOps_Borat:

“High Five!!”








Imagining Application Performance:

Running Smoothly:









Problems in Production:








Perfect Deployment:








Visibility with APM:









Management’s Thoughts on DevOps:










Dev When I Point Out a Problem with The Code:



Hannah Current

Hannah Current

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