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Welcome to the Dynamic Digest, a weekly recap of the latest news happening in our industry. Want the pulse of what’s going on in enterprise software and analytics, performance management, cloud computing, data, and other like topics? We got you covered!

This week in the world of technology, StackSocial offered the best coding deal yet, HPE teamed up with its rival Microsoft, and Star Wars turned to coding.

Fast-track your developer career with the Pay-What-You-Want Learn to Code Bundle – The Next Web, November 24

For those of you looking to learn to code, look no further. StackSocial is offering their entire 2016 Learn to Code bundle, valued at over $1,500, with nine courses teaching all different types of coding languages including Python, HTML5, Ruby, and Linux. The bundle is great for beginners, in addition to individuals with a solid foundation looking to become experts. The best part? The “Pay What You Want” price (yes, you heard that right). You can become a developer at the price you want and gain almost 100 hours of education. Not only that, 10% of what you choose to pay will go towards Project HOPE, a charity that delivers essential medicine and supplies to areas affected by disasters, in addition to providing medical training and health education to prevent disease globally.

Key takeaway: As technology advances and coding opportunities only continue to expand, there really is no better time to learn to code. Whether you are looking to learn or looking to master your skills, you really can’t beat the price. It will be interesting to see how effective and successful these courses are in teaching people not only the fundamentals, but the more advanced skills too.

Meg Whitman: We just signed a big deal to help Microsoft sell its Amazon-killer cloud – Business Insider, November 23

With a new week, comes a new cloud announcement. This week, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a new partnership with Microsoft that proved the company isn’t ready to give up on cloud computing just yet. HPE will offer Microsoft’s Azure cloud services to its customer, as its “preferred cloud alternative,” while HPE will become a “preferred” cloud service provider. The partnership comes just shortly after HPE declared the shuttering of its public cloud computing platform, HPE Helion public cloud. Selling Microsoft’s Azure will fill the needs of HPE customers for cloud services. More details about the deal will be released soon.

Key takeaway: The partnership doesn’t come as a surprise, with HPE and Microsoft already working closely in servers and PC, as well as sharing a similar belief in the hybrid IT approach for enterprises—providing both on-prem and cloud services. Now that HPE has teamed up directly with one of its competitors, will the company rule the cloud computing space? Makes Coding Accessible To All Using ‘Star Wars’ – Bloomberg, November 20

First Minecraft, now Star Wars— game lovers rejoice!, a non-profit organization working to promote computer science education, has announced another exciting, new partnership. As discussed last week, the organization partnered with Microsoft to create a Minecraft tutorial to teach children the basic fundamentals of coding. Now, is partnering with Disney to introduce and educate children to computer coding. Similar to Minecraft, the Star Wars tutorial will be offered as part of its annual global campaign, “Hour of Code.” The campaign is a one-hour initiative to entice kids to learn about computer science through a creative and engaging way. The Star Wars coding tutorial will be offered during December 7-13, in celebration of Computer Science Education Week.

Key takeaway: The unique aspect of this initiative is that children have the opportunity to program droids and build a game around two of the most popular games – Star Wars and Minecraft.’s efforts are not only to educate individuals about coding, but to bust the stereotypes and break down the intimidations in an effort to diversify and encourage more people to pursue a career in computer science.

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