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Welcome to the Dynamic Digest, a weekly recap of the latest news happening in our industry. Want the pulse of what’s going on in enterprise software and analytics, performance management, cloud computing, data, and other like topics? We got you covered!

This week in the world of technology, IDC announced 2016 IoT predictions, former nest employees created a physical store for all things IoT, Google and Pixar encouraged girls to code, and Google announced an enhanced version of its Cloud SQL service.

Millennials will accelerate Internet of Things action, IDC predicts – CIO, December 9

With a new year, comes new predictions and 2016 is all about…(drumroll please)… the Internet of Things (IoT). IDC’s FutureScape webcast recently revealed the top ten IoT predictions, and being a millennial myself, one prediction in particular stuck out. As digitally-consumed millennials transition into powerful business and decision-making roles over the next few years, they will push rapid development, creativity and forward-thinking in IT and product departments. The demand for faster deployment of real-time, sensor-operated applications will only increase, causing IT and product groups to modify current practices and methods to assist with the fast-moving decisions driven by this demographic.

Key takeaway: Millennials are only familiar with a connected world— always having the ability to connect with one another in a matter of seconds. As they move into positions allowing for bigger decisions to be made, it will be interesting to see the impact millennials have on IoT given that it is already causing major innovation, development, and disruption.

Former Nest Employees Create A Physical Store Just For The ‘Internet Of Things’ – Forbes, December 9,

IoT, IoT, IoT – we hear about it every day, but do we ever see it in retail stores? Not really, but B8ta plans to change that. B8ta, a startup founded by four Nest alums, is focusing exclusively on Internet-connected devices by selling them in a (physical) retail store. Hardware startups will have the opportunity to receive real-time analytics through software that monitors and manages their in-store devices. The data collected will allow startups to see how successful their devices are selling via information on foot traffic and interest (how many people stop and look at the device). Based off that data, startups will have the ability to test sales and marketing materials by adjusting signage and seeing the impact it has on sales. The first store is planned to open today in Palo Alto, offering around 70 devices.

Key takeaway: B8ta is changing the retail game for companies by providing customized software and profiting from selling space each month versus sales. With connected devices being such a new thing, providing hands-on experience and demos will likely have a significant effect on sales. Furthermore, startups will be able to compare the profit volume of their products in-store versus online.

Google and Pixar Are Teaming Up to Get Girls to Love Coding – Fortune, December 8

What do Minecraft, Star Wars, and Inside Out all have in common? Coding. It seems like each week there is a new tutorial spearheaded by animation companies and coding organizations, in a joint effort to encourage kids and adults to code. The latest collaboration comes from Google and Pixar and Made to Code, an initiative to spark interest and creativity among girls to code and ultimately increase the number of women represented in computer science. The tutorial allows children to control the actions of the female protagonist, Riley, through the use of a simple coding language called Blockly. Blockly introduces users to fundamental coding basics like if/then statements and looping. The collaboration is a celebration of Computer Science Education Week which started this past Monday.

Key takeaway: This year alone, we have seen a major push in promoting computer science for both boys and girls alike. Statistically speaking, women are underrepresented in the field and it is through organizations and initiatives like this that will help bridge that gap.

Google Launches Faster, More Flexible Version Of Its Cloud SQL Database Service – TechCrunch, December 10

Fans of Google’s Cloud SQL service, you’re in luck. Today, the tech giant announced the beta availability of the second generation Cloud SQL service, a hosted version of the MySQL database. The new and improved service will boost performance, storage, and scalability. In addition to increasing performance and capacity, the company is offering Cloud CDN for caching content close to users as possible to increase response times. Lastly, in an effort to compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google is offering the service at a lower, discounted price than AWS,

Key takeaway: The improved speed and flexibility will allow for developers to scale the service to manage even more data (roughly 10TB of data). With its enhanced features and competitive price point, Google appears determined to win developers’ votes. For developers out there, are you an AWS or Google database fan? Share in the comment box below!

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Brooke Bonime

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