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Welcome to the Dynamic Digest, a weekly recap of the latest news happening in our industry. Want the pulse of what’s going on in enterprise software and analytics, performance management, cloud computing, data, and other like topics? We got you covered! 

This week in the world of technology, all things CES 2016. The Consumer Electronics Show kicked off this week in Las Vegas where innovators, consumers and companies gathered together to showcase the latest and greatest in technology. Here is what’s buzzing this week:

Adorable Code-a-Pillar teaches 3-year-olds the basics of coding – Mashable, January 5

What do coding and caterpillars have in common? Code-a-Pillars. This week, Fisher-Price released an adorable (but no so fuzzy) caterpillar toy aimed to teach children the basics of computer coding. With the recent increase in games and applications designed to encourage children and adults to code, it appears the age range continues to widen – starting as early as 3-years-old. The eight segment toy helps children ages 3 to 8 strengthen the skills associated with coding, such as problem-solving and sequencing. While there is no actual computer programming occurring, it teaches the fundamentals of coding using the different segments of the caterpillar’s body.

Key takeaway: The movement to introduce computer programming to a demographic at an early age is becoming increasingly more popular with time, as toy companies like Fisher-Price, Lego, and Robot Turtles continue to join the trend. While the caterpillar is another toy on the market, it does provide children with educational tools that will be beneficial to a child’s development (even if he or she doesn’t become a programmer).

Consumers are bored with today’s tech and nervous about tomorrow’s – Business Insider, January 4

With all the new and innovated products announced this week at CES, consultancy firm, Accenture, decided to spread the findings of its recent consumer survey. The findings? Demand for smartphones and tablets is dying and IoT security fear is strong. The Internet of Things (IoT) statistics came as a surprise for most, with almost 50% of consumers expressing concern about privacy and security issues. It comes as no surprise that there is immense fear around smart devices and their vulnerability to hackers. So, what does this mean for IoT-focused companies? According to Accenture, they must focus on three critical components: offer a compelling value prop, provide an exceptional customer experience, and build security and trust.

Key takeaway: With IoT looking to be “the next big thing,” long-term success for companies will be dependent and critical on security. Until the security issue is resolved, it’s possible for the consumer technology market growth to remain stagnant. What are you most worried about with IoT?

Other cool technology of CES 2016:

In other (non-CES) news…

Time Warner Cable Says 320K Customer Data Leak Was Not Its Fault – Forbes, January 7

Data, data, data leaks. The telecommunications giant, Time Warner Cable (TWC), announced this week that roughly 320,000 customers’ data have potentially been compromised (primarily emails and passwords). However, TWC may not be at fault as there are no apparent signs of a breach on the company’s end. According to a TWC spokesperson, it’s likely the data was stolen “through malware downloaded during phishing attacks or indirectly through data breaches of other companies that stored TWC customer information.” Until more facts are solidified, the company is taking necessary precautions by contacting its customers potentially impacted by the hack and encouraging customers to update their email and passwords.

Key takeaway: Each week it seems like there is a new data breach, some obviously more threatening than others. Luckily for TWC it appears the data breach is a minor one. Although there is no indication that the company’s systems were directly breached, one thing is for certain – if you’re a customer, change your email and password.

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Brooke Bonime

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