The New Generation of Enterprise Java: Designing for the Next Big Thing

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There’s been a generational shift in how Java enterprise applications are created: they have been broken down from a monolithic architecture into multiple services, and they’re highly interconnected and distributed. How can Java developers and Operations teams adapt to these changes?

This keynote will discuss the 4 Big Things that Java professionals need to design for now:

  • Cloud: Most applications built will have some part of its service in the cloud
  • Big Data: With the advent of NoSQL, Hadoop, and distributed caches, how should we now approach the data layer?
  • Agile Development & Operations: Developers won’t just be responsible for the code, but how it’s deployed. How does that affect the DevOps relationships?
  • Failure is an option: Distributed systems won’t just invite but demand failure, so how can failure become part of the initial design?

This talk will present recommended strategies and approaches for these new design imperatives.

You can watch the keynote here