Revolutionize your AppDynamics experience with the new Cisco AI Assistant

June 05 2024

Cisco AI Assistant has been integrated into Cisco AppDynamics allowing IT, DevOps, and SRE teams to streamline operations and decision-making processes via the power of intelligent, cross-domain guidance and actionable insights.

Revolutionize your AppDynamics experience with the new Cisco AI Assistant-1

Reading documentation is great. Having domain expertise, even better. But having an AI assistant to support you in completing your job efficiently and effectively is the best of all worlds. To help DevOps, ITOps, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams move quickly and stay ahead of issues, Cisco has integrated the Cisco AI Assistant into AppDynamics.

The Cisco AI Assistant gives AppDynamics users safe, responsible, generative AI technology to deliver meaningful guidance and insights that empower users to make informed, intelligent decisions faster and more accurately than ever before. This new assistant brings new levels of intelligent experiences to Cisco Full-Stack Observability.

Revolutionize your AppDynamics experience with the new Cisco AI Assistant-1

This groundbreaking advancement means you now have an intelligent partner capable of providing actionable insights, simplifying complex problem-solving, and accelerating your workflow.

Let’s examine the initial capabilities available at launch and discuss how users can harness the power of the AI Assistant to extract more value from AppDynamics.

New to AppDynamics?  AI Assistant has you covered

Regardless of how a solution is engineered, there’s always an initial learning curve when users adopt new software for their operations. While AppDynamics was designed to be intuitive to use, mastering its extensive features and capabilities requires some time to read through product documentation. Having a product expert by your side could significantly reduce that learning curve, but that hasn’t always been possible until today.

The Cisco AI Assistant provides users with an expert guide who is always ready to offer natural language responses, detailed step-by-step instructions, and interactive tutorials. Imagine having a personal tutor who can walk you through sample configurations and answer your queries on the fly—that’s the edge the AI Assistant brings to the table. This reduces the learning curve, enabling new users to leverage AppDynamics’ power more quickly and efficiently.

Solving complex, cross-domain issues and managing data overload

The AI Assistant’s value isn’t limited to new users, though. Today’s applications are intricate systems that often require collaboration across various teams and specialties. When issues arise, they can span multiple domains, leaving disparate teams in a bind as they attempt to navigate outside their expertise.

The AI Assistant is trained across hundreds of workflows, offering users not only solutions within their domain but also insights into the workflows of their colleagues in other areas. This cross-functional knowledge sharing is instrumental in tackling complex problems, lowering mean times to resolution, and fostering a more collaborative environment.

Revolutionize your AppDynamics experience with the new Cisco AI Assistant-2

One of the most significant challenges technology teams face today is sifting through vast amounts of data to troubleshoot issues. The Cisco AI Assistant alleviates this burden by instantly querying data, providing summaries of events, and recommending the most effective actions based on intelligent data analysis, tools, and processes. Furthermore, it offers predictive analysis of resource requirements, empowering teams to scale their systems proactively and accurately in anticipation of significant events or traffic spikes.

Maximizing the value of your investment in AppDynamics

The Cisco AI Assistant’s integration is more than just a technological enhancement—it’s a paradigm shift in how IT and DevOps teams use and interact with AppDynamics. The AI Assistant’s initial capabilities let you get started quickly to shorten time to value, save you time by streamlining tasks, and enable you to leverage the full potential of AppDynamics to maximize the value of your investment.

The integration of Cisco AI Assistant into AppDynamics marks the beginning of a smarter, more intuitive approach to application performance management and full stack observability. It means less time deciphering data and more time resolving performance issues quickly and effectively by redefining how we approach problem-solving and decision-making within complex IT environments.

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Cale Hilts is a Sr. Product and Solutions Marketing Manager at Cisco AppDynamics, where he focuses on application observability and how businesses achieve visibility across their entire IT infrastructure with the Cisco Full-Stack Observability portfolio.

Prior to joining AppDynamics in July of 2021, Cale was a product and solutions marketing lead for Cisco hybrid cloud solutions.  He joined Cisco in February 2018, bringing with him knowledge and experience from 14 years at Dell Technologies in product marketing, product line management, and enterprise sales roles.

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