15,000 Downloaders Can’t Be Wrong

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It’s 2011, and AppDynamics got what we wanted as a holiday gift—15,000 downloads of our free java troubleshooting tool, AppDynamics Lite.

To commemorate the 15,000th downloader, we emailed all of our Lite users and offered to send one of our patented “I Take No Crap From My App” T-shirts in exchange for a public screenshot of their installation in action.

We received some great screenshots in return.   Here’s one from a company that helps several credit unions manage their web-based applications:

One thing that became clear as we received the screenshots, though, is how much pain there is in regards to production applications.  AppDynamics Lite only works on a single Java Virtual Machine (our Pro edition is the solution used for distributed environments).  But even in simple, single JVM environments, we saw lots of poor performance and unhealthy business transactions — just as you see in the above image.

This point is underscored in one of the main findings of our recent Apps on the Move survey.  We surveyed IT professionals in charge of application uptime and availability, and over 140 respondents told us that app performance is not a “solved problem.”

88% of respondents reported that they have experienced at least one Severity 1 problem in regards to mission-critical apps in the past 12 months, and nearly 50% have experienced five or more such problems.  Furthermore, the Mean-Time-to-Resolution to resolve these issues was not speedy. Over 40% of respondents took longer than 6 hours to achieve problem resolution. Over 10% of respondents took longer than 2 days!

A key reason for the prevalence of performance problems and a long MTTR?  Despite the pain associated with production-level app management, IT hasn’t made a sufficient investment in Application Performance Management (APM) tools. Very few respondents use a true APM tool.

37% of respondents “fly blind” and use absolutely no tool; 30% use a homegrown monitoring program.  Only 30% use a third-party APM solution. It may be possible to conclude that the persistence of application outages and failures is due to insufficient use of high quality Application Performance Management (APM) tools.

We’re proud to report that 15,000 users of AppDynamics Lite don’t fall into that category!