The 5 Key Trends Shaping Application and Business Performance

October 22 2019

Today’s most talked about brands have formed intimate bonds with consumers through the proliferation of digital services. But in today’s on-demand world, those services are only as good as the applications that deliver them. That’s why excellence in digital experience isn’t just about the frontend — it’s also about optimizing application performance on the backend.

To understand the impact of digital and the role of performance monitoring, AppDynamics recently conducted research with over 7,000 consumers, including 2,000 interviews in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and 1,000 interviews within Germany, France and Australia. Based on the raw data from that research we launched an all new report, the App Attention Index 2019, which provided a comprehensive analysis of emergent trends and attitudes related to digital behavior.

Which insights should IT and business leaders pay attention to in the year ahead? Read on to find out.

The 5 Key Trends Shaping Application and Business Performance

Digital Services Are a Part of Modern Life

Consumers Are Developing a “Digital Reflex”

Better Digital Experiences Are Worth the Investment

Customers Hold All the Power

Digital Interactions with Brands Are More Valuable

So, how can businesses leverage these trends to inform their application performance strategy?

In our digital-first world, where application loyalty is brand loyalty, here are three steps businesses can take to create amazing digital experiences and, ultimately, drive better application and business outcomes:

  • Focus on application performance. To deliver better digital experiences, implement a robust application performance monitoring (APM) solution to monitor digital services.
  • Leverage an AIOps approach. An AIOps approach leverages the power of artificial intelligence, automation, and APM to help you get take care of performance issues before they become customer-impacting problems.
  • Connect application performance to business outcomes. Using technology that correlates application performance, user experience and business outcomes allows organizations to improve decision-making and take action based on real insight.

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