5 Reasons Tech Leaders Should Attend AppD Summit Europe

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Here are 5 reasons why attending the “Become a World-Class Tech Leader” track and AppD Summit Europe is well worth your time.

“Technology remains key to business success.”

This statement comes from the 19th Annual Global CEO Survey which was conducted by PwC. It’s a simple, yet incredibly loaded and exciting statement for anyone working in enterprise IT. It’s also the reason why we have a whole track at our free tech conference on May 3rd, 2017, in London, devoted to “How to Become a World-Class Tech Leader.” Being a tech leader today isn’t easy, and here’s a summary of why:

  • While technology is key, it’s only the underpinning of a digital service, a service that must provide benefits to either a customer, consumer, or employee. Artificial intelligence, IoT, and machine learning will no doubt bring benefits of convenience, making usage or consumption more natural, but it’s important to take an outside-in approach to designing and building new digital services. This means that tech leaders should always put the customer, consumer, or employee first and it’s why user or customer experience is so important.

  • Software applications underpin technology services or initiatives, but the complexity of building and delivering applications is rising fast — from dynamic coding languages and microservices architecture, to taking a platform approach to applications in order to allow  easy integration via APIs to other applications. All of these dramatically increase build and delivery speed but conversely create complex ecosystems of applications. This means control and visibility over performance is becoming increasingly difficult but extremely important for world-class tech leaders.

  • Only focusing on the delivery of technology and applications doesn’t equal business success. Every enterprise today has a website and mobile app, so just having an app is not enough. In order to drive success, today’s tech leaders must be metric and data-driven, looking for marginal gains to improve user (customer or employee) experience in order to drive business outcomes of revenue and customer loyalty. This means that the best tech leaders must have an instant view on whether software applications and tech are driving business value.

While these reasons are extensive, they don’t even touch on the people and process challenges a leader will also face. This is why this track is so important.

We’ve crafted the sessions so that we cover as much as we can, in one day, to provide guidance and to teach professionals what it takes to become an enterprise technology leader today. Here are five reasons why attending the “Become a World-Class Tech Leader” track and AppD Summit Europe is well worth your time:

  1. Network with 1,000 European enterprise tech professionals and leaders. Networking is the best way of learning, and with 1,000 enterprise technology professionals joining us on May 3rd, this will be the perfect opportunity. Each presentation will focus on giving you practical advice or getting you to think about tech challenges in a different way. There will be time for questions at the end of every session and, more importantly, time to network, with breakout areas that so that you can chat with fellow tech leaders about the challenges they face in their organisations. With attendees from enterprise organisations all around Europe, it will be the ideal event to connect with other enterprise companies.

  2. Learn what it takes to measure the value of IT in today’s digital enterprise. Metrics are important for any leader. They act as a compass — key to helping leaders manage and set the right path for success. The best metrics are devised using an outside-in approach, putting your users and business outcomes first. In this session, Sharon Cooper, Chief Digital Officer at BMJ, and myself, will go through how to put together a metrics and measurement plan, outlining the importance of real-time metrics to prompt the right actions.

  3. Listen to Nigel Fenwick, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, talk about digital success. Nigel is an extremely well-respected digital analyst who focuses on providing insight and guidance to CIOs on technology disruption. He has published leading research on digital business, social media, business strategy, innovation, retail, and marketing and is often quoted in both trade and mainstream media. In his session, he’ll outline what skills and team structures are required for digital business success.

  4. Discuss tech trends with Victoria Woollaston, Digital Editor at WIRED, and Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor at The Economist. Victoria is a believer in singularity, or the hypothesis that the invention of artificial intelligence will accelerate technological innovation and bring about major changes to human civilisation. Daniel is the the author of MegaTech, which focuses on where technology will take us by 2050. In this panel session, expect a lively debate as an AppDynamics executive leads the conversation. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions on how technology is likely to change your role and your enterprise in the forthcoming decade.

  5. See how AppDynamics is helping enterprises ensure that software applications drive business success. We’ll start the day with a high-energy keynote by AppDynamics executives including David Wadhwani, President and CEO, who will focus on how digital transformation is changing enterprise business as well as changing the opportunities available to tech professionals. You’ll also hear from our enterprise customers on how they’re transforming their businesses by using AppDynamics. Additionally, the conference will provide the opportunity to speak to our executives and to mingle with our customers.

As you can see, May 3rd in London is shaping up to be a very special day for enterprise technology, and we’d love to see you there. For more information, and to secure places for yourself and your team, please register today.

John Rakowski

John Rakowski

John Rakowski is Director of Product Marketing for Application Performance Management (APM) and analytics at AppDynamics. Prior to his current role, John was the lead analyst for APM and IT Operational Analytics (ITOA) at Forrester Research helping clients with their APM and analytics strategies. Earlier he worked at Fujitsu and Capgemini architecting and implementing systems management technologies for enterprises in the financial and utilities sectors plus UK government. John has more than 10 years of experience with systems management and monitoring technologies. You can follow John on twitter at