Introducing Amazon Managed Grafana’s AppDynamics plug-in

September 01 2021

Seamlessly visualize AppDynamics data and powerful application insights alongside your other data sources in Amazon Managed Grafana with our new plug-in.

Man in server room monitoring performance data with Amazon Managed Grafana’s AppDynamics plug-in

In the world of modern applications, change is the only constant. Distributed architectures leveraging multi-technology stacks are the norm, and the cloud is a playground for software development and innovation. There is exponential growth in the quantity and quality of software, creating observability challenges for those in charge of software performance, which directly impacts user experiences.

Developing a single pane of glass and a single source of truth have been elusive targets for companies needing to monitor an entire ecosystem of distributed technologies behind their applications. Solutions like AppDynamics Application Performance Monitoring (APM) have bridged the observability gap for distributed and diverse application architectures, providing users with droves of data through dashboards and Business iQ (BiQ) capabilities or through third-party solutions that utilize AppDynamics’ rich representational state transfer application programming interfaces (REST APIs).

The reality today is that data consumption needs are as diverse as the spectrum of companies out there, opening the door for open-source visualization solutions like the one put forth by Grafana Labs.

Grafana offers multiple ways to collect, store and visualize diverse types of data generated from multiple sources in a single place.

Given Grafana’s significant adoption in the marketplace, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching Amazon Managed Grafana, a fully managed service that will enable companies to visualize their data without having to invest resources in deploying and maintaining Grafana infrastructure.

I’m pleased to share that Grafana, AWS and AppDynamics collaborated to include an AppDynamics plug-in within Amazon Managed Grafana to enable customers to visualize AppDynamics data.

How to consume data using Amazon Managed Grafana’s AppDynamics plug-in

It’s quite simple, actually. Once Amazon Managed Grafana’s AppDynamics plug-in has been installed and configured, consuming AppDynamics data is as easy as creating a new data source and then using Amazon Managed Grafana’s user interface (UI) to select the available data to be visualized. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to see AppDynamics metrics.

Amazon Managed Grafana dashboard with AppDynamics data

(Click/tap the image to enlarge it.)

Why is this important, and how will it help?

The growing complexity of modern applications has quickly escalated to a point beyond the capability of most IT teams. If the tools companies use don’t play well together, organizations are left in a reactive state, struggling to get value out of their investments rather than focusing on strategic initiatives and innovating to create differentiated customer experiences.

AppDynamics enables organizations to monitor distributed architectures and observe what matters most to the business and teams who need to work together to guarantee application performance and customer experience. For Amazon Managed Grafana customers, the ability to seamlessly visualize AppDynamics data will allow them to benefit from all the market-leading application insights AppDynamics provides alongside other data sources within Amazon Managed Grafana.

>>> Learn more about how Amazon Managed Grafana and AppDynamics can put your business on the path to conquering crippling complexity in this digital-first era. Then add Amazon Managed Grafana’s AppDynamics plug-in to your IT teams’ toolbox today.

Ramiro Nagles
Ramiro Nagles is a X-Architecture Sales Engineer for the Channel organization at AppDynamics focused on exploring go-to-market (GTM) strategies and new ways of using our solution to bring value to our customers. Some of his previous roles include operations, technical support, software development, telecommunications and sales. In his free time, he likes to socialize with his family and friends, cook, and “build and fix stuff."

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